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New Podcast: RF Q Edition

First podcast in ages is now available. Like the radio show, which is on hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the program features (almost) three hours of music! Plan is to post a new new podcast each Thursday by 7pm.

Rare Frequency Podcast 65

Thank you.

New Podcast: RF Lives

First podcast in over two years is now available, featuring music by RP Collier, Carer, Klangkrieg, Valerio Tricoli, Laura Cetilia, Vanessa Rossetto, Fluxmonkey, Nils Potet, Lea Bertucci, Richard Garet, Z'ev and Karl Paloucek, Lithops, and Pita./p>

Rare Frequency Podcast 55: Saves Lives

Expect more updates to the site in the days and weeks to come.

October 4, 2012
Lots of wonderful music in store for you this evening: more Sensate Focus, Hieroglyphic Being, Elg, Thomas Köner, Ricardo Donoso, and more. Tune in!

September 19, 2012 on Rare Frequency
Tonight on RF: new music by Ghedalia Tazartes, Jürgen de Blonde, Joe Colley, Tomutonttu, Alien Radio, and older music by Jonas Kocher, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Keith Rowe, and more. Tune in!

April 12, 2012 on Rare Frequency
In honor of the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight into space, this edition of RF will have more than it's fair share of Gagarin-themed/space age music (expect Vainio, Kubin, Um, Sasse, and more). Plus, you'll hear work by Henning Christiansen, Ben Vida, Slugfield, Mike Shiflet, and some seasonal poetry w/radiophonic accompaniment. Tune in! WZBC 90.3 FM, Thurs. 7-10 pm!

February 23, 2012 on Rare Frequency
Tonight on RF I'll play you new (and nearly new) music by Keith Fullerton Whitman (Generators - yes!), Vernon & Burns, Max Goldt, Black to Comm, Technical Drawings, Janek Schaefer, Stephan Mathieu, Asmus Tietchens, Porter Ricks, and more. Tune in!

February 2, 2012 on Rare Frequency
On this week's RF: New music by Asmus Tietchens, Jana Winderen, Demdike Stare, Pole, and more. Plus, Porter Ricks. Tune in! Thurs. 7-10pm on WZBC 90.3 FM!

January 5, 2012 on Rare Frequency
Though it's 2012, we'll keep looking back at 2011 this week, with more great material from the past year, with music from Glenn Jones, Sculpture, Stephan Mathieu, Daphne Oram, and Greg Kelley + Olivia Block. Next week: No more nostalgia! full speed ahead!

December 29, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll play some of my favorites from 2011, as well as some great forthcoming material, etc., including tracks by Alog, Mark Fell, Ernst Karel, Felix Kubin and ensemble Integrales, Daphne Oram, Chris Watson, Sculpture, Stephan Mathieu, Marcus Schmickler and Thomas Lehn, BJ Nilsen and Stillupsteyppa, and more! Tune in from 7-10 pm on WZBC 90.3 FM (

December 22, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Lots of lovely music tonight, including music by Daphne Oram, Carl Calm, Stephan Mathieu, Felix Kubin, Pete Swanson, and an avant-garde holiday tune or two! Yes, I'll be breaking out the Asmus Tietchens Christmas record again... No joke. Tune in! Thursday, 7-10 pm In a semi-related note, Non-Event, the experimental music series that I co-organize, is having a Kickstarter campaign. Please consider making a donation and check out our year-in-review podcasts!

December 15, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Tonight! More experimental loveliness than you could (or should) shake a stick at... Daphne Oram, Kplr, G.H., Actress, Oxtirn, and more. Really. 7-10pm WZBC 90.3 FM

December 01, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Tonight on RF, lots of nifty new music, including material by Hubble, Hecker/Haswell, Mark Fell, Sharif Sehnaoui, Leyland Kirby, Stephan Mathieu, Gary Howell, Flowerman, Pinch + Shackleton, Kelley + Block, and more... It'll all be good... no stuffing.

November 10, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Tom Worster will host the program this week. He'll be giving away a pair of tickets to the Felix Kubin show at the Goethe-Institut this Friday. Tune in!

November 03, 2011 Preemption
RF will be preempted this week for the broadcast of a BC football game. The show will be back on next week with guest host, Tom Worster.

October 27, 2011 - Preempted for Hockey
That is all. I'll be back on the air next week!

October 20, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week Tom Worster of the legendary WZBC program, New Adventures, will host the program. Like noise and new music? Tune in!

October 06, 2011 on Rare Frequency
On my own this evening. Tune in to hear new music by Astral Social Club, Alva Noto, Andy Stott, Yannick Franck, Rick Reed, Bill Orcutt, and more. Next week: Guitarist Glenn Jones, performing live and talking Fahey. Mark those calendars!

September 22, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Live guests: Steve Norton and Vic Rawlings

This week reedist Steve Norton and cellist/cracked electronician Vic Rawlings will perform live on RF. In addition, I'll regale you with new music by Sculpture, Xela, Machinefabriek, Yannick Franck, Rick Reed, and more! A good time will be had by all and sundry who tune in! Upcoming guests: September 29 - Ricardo Donoso for a special Semata Productions label feature October 13 - Glenn Jones

September 15, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Special Guests: Keith Rowe, Rick Reed, and Michael Haleta

We have a very special show planned this week with Keith Rowe, Rick Reed, and Michael Haleta performing (in some combination). Guitarist Keith Rowe, formerly of AMM, is a central figure in contemporary electro-acoustic improvisation -- it would be hard to overstate his influence. Synthesist Rick Reed is a phenomenal player of the Synthi AKS (and has a pair of excellent albums on the Elevator Bath label). Michael Haleta is an intermedia artist from Philadelphia who has collaborated with such artists as Zbigniew Karkowski, Seth Cluett, Kasper Toplitz, and Scott Smallwood....

September 8, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Tom Worster, Guest DJ

This week Tom Worster (formerly of the New Adventures program) will be guest-hosting the show. Tune in and you'll be in for a treat!

August 11, 2011 on Rare Frequency
A tribute to the late German electronic music pioneer, Conrad Schnitzler. Tune in to hear Kluster, Eruption, and many solo pieces.

August 04, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Craig Colorusso

This week's RF will feature an in-studio interview with musician and sound artist, Craig Colorusso, whose Sun Boxes installation will be at the DeCordova in Lincoln on August 6. And there will be more! Tune in!

This week on RF
Tuesday NCP II and Sedimental Label Profile

This week I'll be sitting in for DJ Saul (aka Fats Superhead) on Tuesday NCP II slot from 10 p.m.- 1 a.m. and on Thursday my guest on Rare Frequency will be Rob Forman of Sedimental records. We'll play selections from the label's back catalogue and preview at least one upcoming release. Tune in!

July 14, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Jed Speare

This week my guest will be Jed Speare, a sound artist and member of the New England Phonographers Union. We'll discuss phonography and NEPU's upcoming World Listening Day concert at the Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant, and play a selection or two from Jed's new release on YDLMIER. Tune in! Upcoming guests: July 28 - Label spotlight: Sedimental with label founder Rob Forman August 4 - Interview with sound artist Craig Colorusso about his Sun Boxes installation at the DeCordova

June 23, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Live Guest: Mike Shiflet

This week Columbus, Ohio noise/drone master Mike Shiflet will perform live in the studio! I'll also play new music by Keith Fullerton Whitman, The Caretaker, Marcus Schmickler, and much more. Tune in!

June 16, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Sam of YDLMIER

This week we'll be doing the first in what I hope will be a regular series of label features in which we spotlight releases on local experimental music imprints. For this inaugural edition Sam Laviazar of the YDLMIER cassette label will be my guest. We'll play selections from label's back catalog and Sam perhaps give us a taste some forthcoming releases. YDLMIER is only a year old, but Sam and fellow label-head Lee Tyndall have quickly put together an impressive catalog of tapes with some of the area's finest free improv, noise, and drone artists. You'll also hear music by Zdenek Liska, Bernard Parmegiani, Mandelbrot & Skyy, and more! Note: the label feature will start at around 8 p.m. Tune in! Next week's Special Live Guest: Mike Shiflet

June 02, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Caroline Park

This week's show will feature a special live set by Providence sound artist and composer, Caroline Park. You'll also hear new music by Florian Hecker, Henri Pousseur, Tim Hecker, The Caretaker, and more. It should be ace. Tune in!

May 26, 2011 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show, you'll hear new music by Mark Fell (does the man ever rest??), Bill Nace, Novi_Sad, Seth Horvitz, Henri Pousseur, and more! I'll also be giving away a pair of tickets to Monday's Radian show at Great Scott. Tune in! Upcoming guests: June 2 - Caroline Park (look for an interview soon) June 23 - Mike Shiflet

May 19, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Tonight on RF a specially recorded live set by Andrea Belfi + Attila Faravelli (Tumble) from their March performance at Spectacle here in Boston. Plus, Rolf Julius, Bee Mask, Repetition/Distract, and more! Tune in!

May 05, 2011 on Rare Frequency
New music by Mem1 + Stephen Vitiello, Rolf Julius, Bee Mask, Driphouse, Max Eisenberg, and much, much more! Tune in!

April 28, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll have new music by Work/Death (and more on the Semata label), Brendan Murray, Francisco Lopez, and more!

April 21, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week Brendan Murray will perform live on the program. Check out my RF interview with Brendan from a couple of years ago.

April 07, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature new and/or rare material by Felix Kubin, Frank Bretschneider, Seth Cluett, Cyclo, Jazzkamer, C.M. Von Hausswolf and more! Tune in.

March 24 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll feature the music of raster-noton founder, Frank Bretschneider. Bretschneider creates a pointillistic abstract form of techno. It's hypnotic, alien, and elusively funky. Just for fun you can read a profile that I did of Frank in the Weekly Dig back in 2001(!). Bretschneider is in town for a live performance at the Goethe-Institut Boston on March 31. I'll also play new music by Seth Cluett, Pimmon, Richard Chartier, and more.

March 17, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Due to a small mess-up with their itinerary, Andrea Belfi and Attila Faravelli (Tumble) will not be performing on the show, although they're still performing Friday at Spectacle -- yow! Instead I'll play some tunes by the duo as well as music by Marcus Schmickler, Alexander Rishaug, Ryan Jewell, and more! Tune in!

March 10, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week's program will feature music by Arnold Dreyblatt, who is in town this week for a World Premiere performance of his piece Turntable Historyat the Goethe-Institut. I'll also play music by David Tudor, Marcus Schmickler, and next week's live guests, Attila Faravelli and Andrea Belfi.

March 03, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week the venerable DJ Tom Worster, formerly of the New Adventures program here on WZBC, will be guest hosting on RF. It's a great opportunity to hear one of my favorite all-time NCP deejays. Tune in!

February 03, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week's program will feature music by John Barry, Milton Babbit, Michael T. Bullock, Stephan Mathieu, Eliane Radigue, Marcus Schmickler, Spiders On Phasing, and more! Tune in! Note: the Jay Sullivan live set has been rescheduled for February 24.

January 13, 2011 on Rare Frequency
Tonight the cello and electronics duo Mem1 will perform a live set on the show. I'll also play new music by Bernhard Gal, Ryan Jewell, Our Love Will Destroy the World, and more. Tune in! Upcoming: January 27 - Jay Sullivan live set

January 06, 2011 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature a live performance by Blevin Blectum and Ric Royer. Expect wild electronics, vocals, and a ukelele! Next week: Mem1 live set January 27: Jay Sullivan live set

December 30, 2010 on Rare Frequency
For the last show of 2010, I'll play music from some of my favorite releases of 2010, including tracks by Sculpture, Mark Fell, Luc Ferrari, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Robin Fox, Thomas Ankersmit, and more! Tune in... And look for a Top Ten of 2010 shortly. January 06: Blevin Blectum and Ric Royer, Special Live Guests

December 23, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Tonight Murmer (aka Patrick McGinley) will stop by the show to play some of his favorite field recordings. In addition, I'll play experimental Christmas tunes throughout the evening, as well as new works by sound artist, Bernhard Gal, and selections from the Italian improv box set on Die Schachtel. It will be very merry, so tune in! Also, I recently put together the first in a special series of year-in-review podcast for the Non-Event concert series, featuring music (including unreleased and rare material) by artists that have played at Non-Event concerts in the last year. It has tracks by artists like Felix Kubin, Jason Lescalleet, Byetone, Brendan Murray, Reuben Son, Xela, and more. Non-Event 2010 Podcast: Episode 1

December 16, 2010 on Rare Frequency
On the week's show, we'll hear more new(ish) music by Keith Fullerton Whitman, Mark Fell, Rolf Julius, Mem1, Pietro Riparbelli, and perhaps I'll teach you how to bowl and take you on a tugboat ride. Haven't decided yet. Tune in!

December 09, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Icy soundscapes, warm drones, and otherworldly sounds will dominate this week's program with music by Thomas Köner, Asmus Tietchens, Giuseppe Ielasi, Felix Kubin, John Twells & Mark Christensen, My Fun, Mark Fell, Hanno Leichtmann, Our Love will Destroy the World, and more. Tune in...

December 02, 2010 on Rare Frequency
After a two-week hiatus, I'm back with a new edition of RF. This week's program will feature selections from a host of new releases on the Dekorder label (Giuseppe Ielasi, Felix Kubin, Carl Calm, Our Love Will Destroy the World, etc), as well as new music by Demdike Stare, Mem1, Mark Fell, Ricardo Villalobos, and more! Tune in!!!

November 18, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week on RF we'll give thanks a little early with some favorite releases from the past year. I'll also play music from D-84, Hertsi, The Fun Years, Thomas Soltau, and some new Ricardo Villalobos. Also, you should really check out the new Intransitive experimental music webzine and not only because I was interviewed about Non-Event, a concert series that I co-curate.

November 11, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be playing new music by the Fun Years, Mike Shiflet, Blevin Blectum, Hanno Leichtmann, Weiss, and more. Plus, a pre-Pan Sonic classic on Sahko by Hertsi. Tune in!

November 04 on Rare Frequency
Special Live Guest: Black to Comm

This week Marc Richter (aka Black to Comm) will perform a short live set on Rare Frequency. Richter's last album, Alphabet 1968, was one of our favorite releases of 2009. Marc, who also runs the wonderful Dekorder label, is in town to perform at the Goethe-Institut Boston, Friday, November 5, along with the Twells/Christensen duo. For more information, visit

This week on Rare Frequency, I'll be asking listeners, with increasing urgency, to donate to the wonderful station that RF calls home - WZBC 90.3 FM. Please give what you can to help keep the airwaves weird and wonderful. I will be forever in your debt and will do my best each week to repay you. Incidentally, you can donate online, if you're so inclined. In addition to talking up a storm, I'll also play a fine selection of tunes and anti-tunes by past guests on the show, including Keith Fullerton Whitman, Felix Kubin, COH, Jonathan Coleclough, Christoph Heemann, Nerve Net Noise, Leif Elggren, Oneohtrix Point Never, Strotter Inst., and more. I also regale with music by artists who are swinging through town, such as Thomas Köner and Black to Comm. Tune in!

October 14, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week there will be new music by Paul & Maurey, Expo 70, Trevor Wishart, and more! Plus, selections from classic Thomas Köner releases. Tune in! Please note: next week we will be doing a special fundraising edition of the program. Please consider donating to WZBC and Rare Frequency. It would be much appreciated!

This week on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Christoph Heemann

This week Christoph Heemann of H.N.A.S., Mirror, In Camera, and Mimir will perform live on the program. Christoph is in town for a rare U.S. performance at the Goethe-Institut Boston. Truly not to be missed! In addition to Christoph's performance you'll hear music by Sigurd Berge, Merzbow, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and more. Tune in!

September 30, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Lots of great music in store this week, including new music by Keith Fullerton Whitman, Trevor Wishart, Senking, and My Fun. We'll also feature music by next week's ultra-special guest, Christoph Heemann. Tune in!

September 16, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week's program features new music by Phonophani, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Taylor Deupree, Darksmith, Demdike Stare, and more! I'll also be giving away tickets to a certain show here in Boston at the Middle East. (hint. hint.)

August 12, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Special Live Guest: Kouhei Matsunaga

This week Kouhei Matsunaga will perform live in the studio. Matsunaga combines elements of techno, ambient, and noise to create glitchy, propulsive music. He has collaborated with artists such as Merzbow, Autechre, Asmus Tietchens, and Mika Vainio. His most recent release was a blisteringly abrasive 12" on Raster-Noton as NHK (with Toshio Munehiro). He will be performing Friday at the Spectacle loft as part of Non-Event.

July 15, 2010 on Rare Frequency
On this week's edition of RF, new music by Caboladies (and side projects), Mike Shiflet, Taylor Deupree, NHK, Kevin Drumm, K11, and more. Tune in!

July 08, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week's will feature new music by K11, Astral Social Club, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kevin Drumm, and more.Tune in! Thurs. 7-10 p.m. on WZBC 90.3FM

July 01, 2010 on Rare Frequency
A few of of the records I'll be bringing for tonight's program.... Plus, I'll play at least one selection from the new Pan Sonic. Tune in!

June 24, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week Tom Worster will be sitting in for me. Tom was the DJ behind the long-running NCP show, New Adventures, on WZBC. It'll be a treat to have him back on the airwaves. Listen in for modern classical, noise, and other unusual sounds.

June 17, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Tonight: Astral Social Club, Luc Ferrari, Robin Fox, Charlemagne Palestine, and a few older oddities. Tune in!

June 03, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Alog, Lucier, K11 Baris Manco, Grant Moros, Camille Sauvage, and more! Tune in

May 20, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Though it's nice outside, expect little that's shiny and bright from this week's RF. I'll play dark music by Norway's Svarte Greiner, local musician, Linda Aubry Bullock, German absurdist, Max Goldt, and the always surprising Frank Rothkamm.

May 12, 2010 (Wednesday!!) on RF
Special Guests: Olaf Bender and Aoki Takamasa

***Update: Due to circumstances beyond my control, Olaf and Aoki will not be able to make it this evening. I will play selections from Raster-Noton releases both old and new.*** This week on a special Wednesday edition of the program, Olaf Bender (Byetone) and Aoki Takamasa of the German electronic music label, Raster-Noton, will spin extended DJ sets. Olaf and Aoki are in town to perform at the Goethe-Instut Boston, Thursday, May 13. Also on the program I will play exclusive new music by Felix Kubin, who is performing at the Goethe on Friday, May 14! Tune in. This should be a real treat!

May 06, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be flying solo in the studio, playing new music by Oval, tracks from the latest Clicks and Cuts compilation, and more from the recently resurrected Mille Plateaux label. It may sound like I'm pining for 1999, but it'll be pure 21st-century glitch. Next week, on a special Wednesday night edition of Rare Frequency, Raster-Noton's Olaf Bender (BYETONE) and Aoki Takamasa will be my guests live in the studio. Olaf and Aoki will both spin special, hour-long DJ sets. I'll also play some exclusive, unreleased music by Felix Kubin. Mark your calendars!

April 29, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Luke Moldof Live

This week Luke Moldof (aka stillbirth) will perform live on the program. Also in store new music by Oval, Grant Moros, Frank Bretschneider, and more. Tune in!

April 22, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Jonathan Ward of Excavated Shellac

This week Jonathan Ward, the man behind the fantastic music blog, Excavated Shellac, will be my guest on the show. During the second half of the program, Jonathan will play a selection of 78s from around the globe--none, he promises, have appeared on the blog. He'll also play a few tracks from Excavated Shellac: Strings, a new compilation that he put together for the Parlortone label that features a rich array of 78rpm recordings of music played on stringed instruments. In the first half of the program, you'll hear new music from Frank Bretschneider, Jana Winderen, Kyle Bobby Dunn, and more from the Electroton label. Tune in! This should be quite special. Upcoming live guests: April 29 - Luke Moldof

April 15, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Alone, at last! After three weeks' worth of truly ace live guests, I'll be flying solo in the studio this week. There's lots of music to be played:@c, Emeralds, Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway, the Haters, Philip Sulidae, and more! Please, do tune in

This week on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Goodiepal

Very excited to confirm that the enigmatic Goodiepal will be appearing on the program on April 08, 2010. More details as/if they become available.

April 01, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Strotter Inst. Live

This week Swiss turntablist Strotter Inst. will perform live in the studio. I'll also play selections from new releases by Autechre and Omar Khorshid, as well as some space-age classics and Japanese film oddities. Tune in!

March 25, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Live Guest: Max Lord!

This week percussionist and electronic musician Max Lord will perform live on the program. Upcoming Live Guests: April 1 - Strotter Inst

March 18, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll play the A-side from the new Brendan Murray/Perispirit split (last week I served up the scorcher of a B-side), music inspired by Tarkovsky courtesy of Alva Noto and Artemiev, a little rainy day music by Reuben Son, and much more. Next week: March 25 - Max Lord (aka Ghost Grass) live!

March 11, 2010 on Rare Frequency
I've got some treats in store this week, including new music by Alva Noto, The Advisory Circle, Perispirit, Pjusk and Felix Kubin (remixing Raymond Scott). I'll also play music from the Japanese label, mAtter (just profiled here on RF) Tune in! Upcoming live sets: March 25 - Max Lord

March 04, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week on the program you'll hear new work by the King of Elgaland/Vargaland, Leif Elggren, as well as music by Jean-Jacques Perrey, Stillbirth, and more. Upcoming live sets: March 25 - Max Lord

February 25, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Some wonderful in stuff store this week, including Thomas Köner, Pierre Bastien, Gutta Percha, Mika Vainio, Hamza El Din, Aaron Martin, and more. Tune in!

February 18, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll welcome Boston sound artist and composer Michael Bullock to the program. Mike, who is also one half of Rise Set Twilight, will play a live set of bass and electronics, which is a preview of sorts of an upcoming solo performance at the Open Sound series in Somerville, MA on February 20. Also, in the cards and in the queue is music (some of it hot off the presses) by Mika Vainio (Time Examined), Eleh, BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa, and Nuno Canavarro. Tune in!

February 11, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Please note: this week's show will start an hour late. In the cards for this truncated RF is a slew of releases on Felix Kubin's Gagarin label plus more from Andy Graydon and Wyndel Hunt. Tune in!

February 04, 2010 on Rare Frequency
This much is reasonably certain. Should you tune in (and I hope that you will), you will hear music by the following: Shackleton, Andy Graydon, Brandon Terzakis, KGB, Illusion of Safety (with Jim O'Rourke), Robert Curgenven, and Ryonkt.

January 21, 2010 on Rare Frequency
I scored a few choice Turkish psych records over the past week, so expect a bit of Baris and little Fikret, amongst other things. There will also be more eccentric sounds from the UK, classic musique concrete, and more. Tune in.

January 07, 2010 on Rare Frequency
Um, mAtter, Black to Comm, Graham Lambkin, Bruce McClure, and more.... Next week: Greg Kelley live in the studio!

January 05, 2009 RF Rocks Again
This Tuesday, January 5, I will once again take to the airwaves to rock (im)properly on WZBC 90.3 FM. Tune in from 7-10 a.m. to hear middle eastern rock, Japanese surf guitar, post-punk, odd-yet-somehow-pop electronics, and some shiny new stuff to boot.

December 31, 2009 on Rare Frequency
It's the last show of 2009, so a modest celebration and/or summation is in order! I will play selections from some of my favorite releases of 2009, as well as tracks from records that are hot of the presses -- metaphorically speaking, at least. Happy New Year!

RF Rocks on December 29, 2009 (and more)
In the wee hours of the morn this Tuesday, December 29, your intrepid host will be taking to the airwaves to play three hours of rock of all sorts of persuasions and other more pop-inclined electronics than is the RF norm. Tune in from 7-10 a.m. on WZBC 90.3 FM ( Also, I just uploaded a new "prettified" version of the Retribution Body podcast. It's well worth re-downloading that particular podcast to hear it in all its hi-fi glory!

December 10, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Tonight on RF I have lots of unseasonal treats with new music by Peverelist, Mika Vainio, Oneohtrix Point Never, Eleh, Elektronavn, Pete Um, and more. Next week: Retribution Body live on Rare Frequency!

December 03, 2009 on Rare Frequency
It's December! And it's been awhile. I'll play some extra specially good music this week, including music by Black to Comm, Rothkamm, Emptyset, Pete Um, Wooden Veil, and Maja Ratkje & Lasse Marhaug -- the last track will drive you(r) cats wild! And, yes, I'll play more by our previous, esteemed guest, Felix Kubin. Tune in!

November 5, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Sons of God Live

This week RF will play host to representatives from the Kingdom of Elga Vargaland, when the ultra-venerable sound artists, Leif Elggren, Kent Tankred, and Joachim Nordwall perform as Sons of God. For God's sake, tune in!

October 29, 2009 on Rare Frequency
I'm back after a week's absence with lots of sonic strangeness in store: Shackleton, 2562, and loads of Leif Elggren-related material. Note: Leif and his fellow Sons of God will be guests live in the studio the following week -- yow! Mark those calendars.

September 24, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Lots of great music in store this week, including a bit of sonic abrasion by Kevin Drumm; some murmuring, disembodied voices courtesy of Andre Boucourechiliev; some typically atypical stuff by Leif Elggren, and some dreamy synth tones from Emeralds. Tune in!

September 10, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest: Brendan Terzakis

This week's show features a live set by local musician, Brandon Terzakis. Also in store: more from the Eastern Standard compilation, Eliane Radigue, and Mika Vainio. Tune in

September 03, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Listen for new music by Zomby and new/old pieces by Eliane Radigue, odd German soundtrack selections, and mysterious stuff of unknown origin on the Hate label.

August 20, 2009 on Rare Frequency
In this week's queue: Pan Sonic & Keiji Haino, Chinese experimental music, vintage world music, more from the new Area C, and a selection from the forthcoming 7" by last week's live guest, Ricardo Donoso. Tune in!

August 13, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Ricardo Donoso Live!

This week Ricardo Donoso will perform a live solo set on the program. Also in store: Vertov, Jim Haynes, Mika Vainio, and Area C (hot off the presses). Tune in....

August 06, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Some of what's in store this week on Rare Frequency.... (read on)

July 23, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Oneohtrix Point Never Live

This week Oneohtrix Point Never will be my guest in the studio. Expect fine cosmic sounds!

July 16, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week's edition of the show will feature some fantastically weird lounge music from Hematic Sunsets, early electronic music from Denmark, analogue synthesizer stylings from Kentucky, new releases from the Land Of, and so very much more. Do tune in! Upcoming guests: July 23 - Oneohtrix Point Never August 13 - Ricardo Donoso

July 9, 2009 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show, Brendan Murray and Benjamin Nelson will perform a live set. Tune in for this and more.... Upcoming guests: July 23 - Oneohtrix Point Never

July 2, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week on RF, I've got some terrific new music in the queue, including a trio of releases from Non-Visual Objects (including new music from RF-faves Asmus Tietchens and Philip Samartzis!), more from Mordant Music, Tim Hecker, and more!

June 18, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week's edition of the program marks the return of Jarrod Fowler, one of Boston's more thoroughly idiosyncratic experimental musicians. Among other things, Jarrod the organizer of the summer MetroParks outdoor sound art series (find out more at his MySpace page). I'll also be playing new music by Stephan Mathieu & Taylor Deupree, Tu'm, and rather a lot more.

June 11, 2009 on Rare Frequency
If the fates are smiling on us, a very special live guest (an RF fave for sure) will grace us with his presence. The show will also feature music by Stock, Hausen and Walkman, Tu'm, some Raster-Noton loveliness, and more. Tune in! Next week: Jarrod Fowler live

May 28, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week you'll hear new and newish music from Monoton, Claudio Rocchi, Snd, and so much more. Tune in! Also, this Friday, 6-7:00 p.m. I'll be hosting a special Test Pattern program devoted to the Raster-Noton label. Expect post-technotic wonderfulness!

April 16, 2009 on Rare Frequency
A little of this and that this week. New music by Martyn, Asher, Area C, and Erdem Helvacioglu. Listen in....

April 9, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Lots of local music is in the queue tonight including tracks by Oneohtrix Point Never, Red Horse, Benjamin Nelson, Brendan Murray, Asher, and others. There will be lots more besides, of course, so tune in.

March 26, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Tonight the inimitable DJ Fats Superhead will be manning the decks. Expect some jumbled up nonsensical sound poetry at some point in the proceedings!

March 05, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature music from that peripatetic beat maker, Filastine (he'll be in town at Beat Research in a couple of weeks), Atom TM, the Shadow Ring, Vic Mizzy, and so much more. Please tune in! And, big news for those of you who listen to RF online. ZBC now archives all its programming for two weeks, so if you miss a show, don't fret -- you can find it at: Sorry for not mentioning this momentous development earlier!

February 26, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week will feature new music from local artist, Animal Hospital, a selection or two from the new compilation Au Clair de la Lune (inspired by the "discovery" of the earliest recording of the song of the same name), new music by Alva Noto, some dubstep new and old, as well as classic early electronics from Source Magazine. And, yes, there will be more.... Tune in!

February 19, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week on RF: a few American avant-garde electronic music classics from the early 1970s, more new music from Emeralds, and some smooth-as-silk dubstep from the label Punch Drunk. Tune in!

February 12, 2009 on Rare Frequency
We'll be getting all retro-futuristic this week and perhaps even a little sappy and romantic to boot (tis the season, or so I hear). In this queue thus far: new music from Belbury Poly, Stephan Mathieu and Felix Kubin. I'll also play music by 2562, who will be playing at the Good Life in Boston on Saturday.

February 05, 2009 on Rare Frequency
Renowned percussionist and sound artist, Max Neuhaus, died of cancer on Tuesday. This week I'll play a selection or two from him. Also in the queue is new music from the wonderful Michigan stoner-synth band, Emeralds, another cut from the Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated by Vandals double-12", and more from the Bernard Parmegiani box set.

January 29, 2009 on Rare Frequency
French acousmatic composer extraordinaire, Bernard Parmegiani, has long been a favorite here at RF. On this week's show I'll play a number of pieces by Parmegiani from the recently released--and much-celebrated--12CD box set of Parmegiani's complete works on INA-GRM. I'll also play more music from the new Giuseppe Ielasi CD, selections from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's John Baker, and much more. Tune in!

January 22, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll play music from the latest release by Giuseppe Ielasi, selections from the fantastic NHK EP on Raster-Noton, HATE 003, and more. So tune in already

January 08, 2009 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll continue to play some favorites from 2008 (check the RF Top 25+ to get a taste of what's to come), as well as a few new musical goodies, including NHK and so much more! Check out the podcast of last week's first live set with Nerve Net Noise and Jessica Rylan. I will post the second set shortly!

January 1, 2009
Happy New Year with Nerve Net Noise & Jessica Rylan

On this, the first show of the new year, we have two very special guests: Japan's Nerve Net Noise and Boston's own Jessica Rylan. Both make very unusual music with very unusual homemade synthesizers. NNN will play solo and then the two will perform together (a first right here on RF!). I'll also play some favorites from 2008, which now seems so far away, and other tunes to stave off the biting cold! Happy New Year!

December 25, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Merry Christmas with Tom W.

This week Tom (formerly of WZBC's wonderful New Adventures program) will host RF while I'm off doing a bit of reveling. I'll be back on January 1 for a special New Years edition of the program featuring live guests Nerve Net Noise and Jessica Rylan. Happy holidays!

December 18, 2008 on Rare Frequency
It's the last show before Christmas, which means I'll break out a few holiday ditties of an experimental sort. I've also grabbed a bunch of 7"s from my collection, which have been gathering dust in a shoebox lately, so expect a 7" extravaganza at some point during the show. Also on tap: a bit more Skull Disco, new music from Ernst Karel, and more! In other (very exciting) news, Nerve Net Noise will perform on the program on January 1, so mark your calendars! NNN is one of the most wonderfully weird electronic acts ever. Really. Picture an eccentric Japanese version of Pan Sonic crossed with Jessica Rylan and you're halfway there and yet not even close....

December 11, 2008 on Rare Frequency
We're back to normal this week, after two stellar guests and a holiday. I'll be playing the final Skull Disco 12", new music from Jonathan Coleclough/Colin Potter, more Mordant, and an excerpt from a radio play by Felix Kubin. Yow!

November 20 on Rare Frequency
Jonathan Coleclough Live

I am welcoming a very special guest on this week's show. Jonathan Coleclough will do a live performance of a piece called "Path." He is town for the Brainwaves festival. Tune in!

November 13, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Area C Live

This week Providence's Area C (aka Erik Carlson) will be my guest on RF. I'll also play new music by Eleh, Philip Jeck, Shackleton and MB w/Hue & Fhievel. Please tune in! Thanks to the inimitable FSB (aka Tom Worster) for holding down the FM fort last week. Upcoming live guests: November 20 - Jonathan Coleclough December 4 - Stephan Mathieu

October 23, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Illusion of Safety Live!!

Illusion of Safety, who is in town for a concert at Mobius on Saturday, will be our guest in the studio this week. IOS will perform a special extended set, so tune in early!

October 16, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Fundraising w/guest KFW!

It's fundraising week on WZBC, so this week's show will be chock-full of RF classics and witty pledge-oriented banter between myself and Keith Fullerton Whitman. Please call in, give what you can and make a request, if you're so inclined. If past fundraisers are anything to go by, this should be quite a wild ride. Call 617.552.4686 to make your pledge! Check out the RF Flickr page for photos of recent live guests and shots of the fundraiser. Next week (October 24): Illusion of Safety Live on RF

October 9, 2008 on Rare Frequency

Dutch lutenist JOZEF VAN WISSEM will be my guest on this week's edition of RF. To my knowledge, this will be the first performance by an avant-garde lute player in WZBC's history! As if that weren't enough, I'll also play new music by Alexander Wendt, Headhunter and more! Van Wissem is town for a concert on Friday, October 10 at the lovely Swedenborg Chapel in Harvard Square. See Non-Event for more details!

October 2, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Music, music and some non-music, too! Tonight I'll play all that and more. A pair of new 12"s on Hate (a little techno-inflected dubstep in case you're wondering), new stuff on Apple Pips (more new techno-inflected dubstep in case you're still wondering), as well as some serious vintage bleeps & bloops from Pascal, and quiet, electro-acoustic drones from U.S.O. Project and Christopher McFall. It'll be the perfect accompaniment to a V.P. debate or something along those lines, I'm sure. A podcast of last week's live set by Asher and Jason Kahn will be available shortly. Stay tuned! And don't forget, next week lutenist Jozef van Wissem will perform live on RF!

September 25, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Jason Kahn & Asher Live!!!

This week musicians Jason Kahn and Asher will perform a duo set on the show. I'll also play new music by Bernhard Gal and much, much more! Tune in!

August 28, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Tag-team subs

This week DJs Ravioli and Matt Kane will be subbing for me on Rare Frequency, while I go Non-Eventing. Things will be as they were before again next week.

August 21, 2008 on Rare Frequency
This week you'll reap the benefits of my lack of self-control in the record shop. Newly released early tracks from Gas, a Ron Geesin reissue and oodles of Turkish psych are all in the bag. I'll also treat you to some local musical treats from trumpeter Greg Kelley and more....

August 14, 2008 on Rare Frequency
I'm just back from a trip to MMS and my pocketbook's loss will be your gain--if you tune in this evening, that is! Expect to hear music from Eleh, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Les Maledictus Sound and the like. I'll also be cuing up some choice selections from the RF mailbag, including some lovely new releases on the French Baskaru imprint!

August 7, 2008 on Rare Frequency
rise set twilight

This week Troy, NY's rise set twilight will perform a live set on RF. This will be the lovely electroacoustic/multimedia duo's second appearance on the program! I'll also play new music from the Non-Visual Objects label, Sleeparchive and Mika Vainio. Tune in!

July 30, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Back after a week's absence from the airwaves, we catch up with tracks from the new Mika Vainio full-length, hit you up with more classic crackledub from Pole, and (hopefully) throw down a new Sleeparchive track before the night is through. I'll also reach into the RF mailbox and play music from the Ukrainian Quasi Pop label and some new releases from Boston's own Ophibre, who sent a lovely batch of inventively packaged music that included seeds, leaves and more! Check out the photo in the main post....

July 24 on Rare Frequency
Guest DJ Fats Superhead

This week DJ Saul (a.k.a. Fats Superhead) will be manning the decks for Rare Frequency. Tune in for much sonic mayhem and merriment. I'll be off at the Kyle Bobby Dunn Non-Event at the Axiom Gallery in JP. In the meantime, there's a brand new RF Podcast up and available for your downloading pleasure in the podcast section. Plus there are some photos from the Red Horse show that blew my fragile mind last night at the Mills up on RF Flickr.

July 17, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Late breaking news (at least I'm late in breaking it).... This week I'll be sharing some more vintage Pole, new Stephan Mathieu, Felix Kubin, Akane Hosaka and Danny Lopatin. Oh, and I will play the new Olivier Capparos and Lionel Marchetti disc in full this week for almost sure! Listen up!

July 10, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Not one, but two new releases by that estimable eccentric, Felix Kubin, are in the queue this week. I'll also play new music by Lionel Marchetti, Dusk + Blackdown, Prurient, and more. In other news, the podcast of Keith Fullerton Whitman's live set from last week's program is now available. RF also has a brand new MySpace page. In case you're wondering, yes, this IS the seventh sign of the apocalypse.

July 3, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Special Live Guest Keith Fullerton Whitman

This week RF welcomes Keith Fullerton Whitman to the show. KFW will perform a live analog synthesizer set. Listen in!

June 26, 2008 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be dishing out a bit of this and a bit of that and a whole lotta something else. This: 2562, classic Pole. That: Pietro Grossi, Enore Zaffiri. Something else: Emeralds, Stephan Mathieu, etc. Check it.

June 19, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Special Live Guest Howard Stelzer

Local label impresario and master tape manipulator, Howard Stelzer, will make his live debut on the show this week. I'll also play new music by Peverelist, Machinefabriek + Stephen Vitiello, and Peter Walker. Tune in

June 12, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Something will happen. Music will be played. In all likelihood, I'll drop a fractured tune or two from the new Lithops CD, some too-quiet-for-radio music by Richard Chartier, a piece of some sort by vibraphonist, Thanos Chrysakis, the atmospheric sounds of Morgan Packard, and more drones from Kevin Drumm.

June 05, 2008 on Rare Frequency
We'll continue to delve into a freshly minted batch of releases on Raster-Noton (including Alva Noto, Byetone, and Kangding Ray) and the latest Philip Jeck CD on Touch, as well as the Illusion of Safety 10" on CIP. As of late, I've been listening obsessively to the Gas box set on Kompakt (in prep for writing a review on Dusted), so expect to hear some wondrous and vaporous techno at some point.

May 29, 2008 on Rare Frequency
I've got a bevy of sonic treats cued up for this week's show: a magisterial drone from Kevin Drumm, more organ-ic goodness from Burning Star Core, new/old/strange sounds from Asmus Tietchens, and an orgiastic feast of bracing electronics from the Raster-Noton imprint (Alva Noto, Byetone, Kangding Ray, and perennial RF fave, COH). Check it, please.

May 22, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Stelzer postponed

Due to illness, the live set by Howard Stelzer will be postponed until June 12 (mark those calendars!), so it'll be business as (un)usual on RF this week with music by new music Alva Noto, Philip Jeck, Area C, Badawi, Kluster, and, you know, etc.

May 22, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Howard Stelzer Live!!!

Tonight's show will feature a live set by local tapemaster and Intransitive label head, Howard Stelzer. You can find out more about Howie and his work by reading an interview that I did with him a couple of years ago, as well as a more recent piece in the Boston Phoenix. He'll also play a few records. In addition, I'll play new music by Alva Noto and Philip Jeck, old music by AG Geige, and much more, so do tune in!

May 08 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show I'll play new music from Philip Jeck, Richard Chartier, Oren Ambarchi & Z'ev, Yoshi Wada, and rather a lot more! There you have it. Tune in.

May 1 on Rare Frequency
RF HQ is bursting at the seams with new music, which means I've got a lot of new tunes and non-tunes to share with you this week, including freshly reissued early electronics by Warner Jepson (totally amazing stuff), train-related recordings from C-Schulz & F.X. Randomiz, the long-awaited (by me, anyway) second Fanal album, early Japanese tape experiments by Joji Yuasa, some Louis & Bebe Barron-channeling synth rumblings from Demons, a little beat-heavy craziness from Schlammpeitziger, a noisy, grainy drone by local murkmeisters Skeletons Out, and more to boot. Crazy.

April 17, 2008 on Rare Frequency
On this week's edition of RF, I'll be going long, playing extended tracks by Novi_Sad and Gavin Bryars' The Sinking of the Titanic featuring Philip Jeck. I'll also play new music by Jozef van Wissem and other select cuts! Thanks to Brendan Murray, who played a truly breathtaking, multi-layered drone set on last week's show. Check out photos from the studio on the always exciting RF Flickr site.

April 10, 2008 on Rare Frequency
Brendan Murray Live!!

This week local drone maestro Brendan Murray will perform live on the program. He'll also play recordings of some recent projects, we'll talk a bit, and he may even play a few of his favorite records. I will also play a few records....

April 03, 2008 on Rare Frequency
RF is back after a week's absence and I've got lots of music in store, including new music by Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet, Stephan Mathieu, Ersen, and more. Tune in! Next week (April 10): Brendan Murray Live!

March 20 on Rare Frequency
R.I.P. Tim Haslett

This past week brought very sad news, when I learned that Tim Haslett, one of the most influential figures in the Boston electronic music scene, died unexpectedly last Thursday. Tim was a longtime ZBC DJ, hosting amazing shows such as "Hardwired" and "Funk to the Folks." He was also an inspiring writer and critic, and an awfully nice (and incredibly smart) person. I first met him when he worked at the late, lamented Other Music in Cambridge, where he would wax poetic about everything from Thomas Brinkmann to the most obscure Southern hip-hop. His enthusiasms were intense and infectious, and my bank account--though certainly not my record collection--was always the worse for wear after our conversations. Later, when I worked at Forced Exposure and he was buying for Twisted Village, I was his sales rep and had the privilege to talk with him each week about his then red hot passion for grime and dubstep. He was always three months to three years ahead of anyone else. I can't say that I knew Tim well, but I can say his absence will be acutely and profoundly felt. During the first part of this week's show, I'll play some Tim-inspired music: a bit of early jungle, dubstep, techno, and the like. For those in Boston, please note that next Monday, there will be a Tim Haslett memorial night at Beat Research at the Enormous Room in Cambridge.

March 13 on Rare Frequency
Ashley Paul Live

This week reedist Ashley Paul will play a live set on the show. You can read my interview with her in the < featured section of the site. I'll also play new music from Benga, a selection or two from the Garden of Forking Paths compilation, and so much more! Check out the podcast of Marc McNulty's live set from last week's show here and look at photos here.

March 7, 2008 on Rare Frequency
w/live guest Marc McNulty

On this week's show, local sound artist Marc McNulty will perform a live set. This will be his third visit to RF. To learn more about Marc and his music, you can read my interview with him here. In addition to Marc's live set, the show will feature new music by Felix Kubin, Geoff Mullen, and John Clyde Evans, so tune in and listen up.... Also, check out new reviews, a new list of February Faves, recent photos, and a new podcast. All were posted in the last few days. March 13: Ashley Paul Live on RF

February 28, 2008 on RF
No live guests this week (though they'll be coming fast and furious in March -- see below), for now it's just music, music, and more music. This week you'll be treated to some spectacular stereo sounds from Cecil Leuter, classic musique concrète from Denis Smalley, tape music by Kuniharu Akiyama, Kentucky synth wonkery by Three Legged Race, and the psychedelic saz sounds of Arif Sağ. I'll also play music by Helmut Lachenmann, who will be giving a talk at the Goethe-Institut this Saturday prior to a concert featuring two of his string quartets. Upcoming live guests: March 6: Marc McNulty March 13: Ashley Paul

February 14, 2008
RF Preempted

This week RF is preempted for the broadcast of a BC basketball game. We'll be back next week. In the meantime, enjoy the podcast of last week's live set by Astronaut.

February 7, 2008 on Rare Frequency

This week I'll welcome analogue synth junkies Astronaut (or 2/3 thereof) to the studio for a live set. For a little more information on these Cluster and Klaus Schulze lovin' fellows, check a brief piece I wrote on them in the Phoenix this past December. Also expect new music by Brethren of the Free Spirit, Yoshi Wada, and more.... Tune in!

January 31, 2008 on Rare Frequency
I've fallen off the early electronic music wagon, so tonight I'll play selections from some recent Creel Pones, as well as music from Japanese composer Joji Yuasa and so much more. Tune in!

January 24, 2008 on RF
Special Guest: Jed Speare

Along with the (un)usual sonic shenanigans, this week we'll be welcoming sound artist Jed Speare to the program. We'll talk about his work and play selections from his classic Cablecar Soundscapes CD on Smithsonian Folkways and the freshly released collection Sound Works:1982-1987 on Family Vineyard. You can read a short piece that I wrote about Jed in the Boston Phoenix here. This week RF was mentioned in rather flattering terms in the Boston Globe Business section of all places. You can read it here. Just for the record, we are officially blushing.

January 10, 2008 on RF
Tonight we'll march onward into 2008. You'll hear more new music from one of Asmus Tietchens' two new releases, music by Eli Keszler, and a collaboration between Roel Meelkop, Howard Stelzer, Giuseppe Ielasi, and Frans de Waard.

January 03, 2008 on RF
Happy New Year! Welcome to the blank slate that is 2008. Hmmm. Time to start filling it up! This week I'll regale you with music by Harmonia, Nerve Net Noise, Asmus Tietchens, Murmer, Christina Kubisch, and Middle Eastern psych & garage. Expect more favorite odd 'n' ends from 2007 as well.

December 27, 2007 on RF
The Last Show of the Year!

It's time to look back at some of the best of 2007. I'll be playing some of my favorite RF-related records from the past year. Shortly (that is, before 2008!) I'll post a Rare Frequency year-end list for your enjoyment. In the meantime, you'll just have to wonder....

December 20, 2007 on RF
Christmas came early for RF this year in the form of lots of new records and CDs (yip!). I'll be playing fresh semi-tunes by Asmus Tietchens, Nerve Net Noise, Jason Lescalleet, Lionel Marchetti, Autistici, Astronaut, and more! Also, in keeping with the times, I'll play some holiday-themed experimental music throughout the program. So deck them halls!

December 13, 2007 on RF

This week I'm snowbound due to our first big winter storm. I'll be back next week with a special holiday edition of the program.

December 6, 2007 on Rare Frequency
Less work... for more pay! I'll also play more new music by Asmus Tiechens (you can check out my recent interview with him at Dusted Magazine, more selections from the forthcoming Jed Speare disc on Family Vineyard, new music from Ukraine, and oodles of analog electronics. Tune in! 6 for 1.

November 29 on Rare Frequency
I've got lots of great music both new and old cued up for this evening's show, including new/forthcoming releases by Asmus Tietchens, Idea Fire Company, Christina Kubisch, Jed Speare, and Hild Sofie Tafjord. Tune in!

RF Gives Thanks (and is PREEMPTED!)
This week there will be no RF, as we give thanks American-style. We'll be back next Thursday, fatter and sweeter than ever. Thanks to everyone out there in the RF massive. I'm aiming for a podcast over the long weekend, so keep your fingers crossed.

November 8, 2007 on Rare Frequency
DJ Dabu

This week DJ Dabu will be my special guest, treating you to a set of full-on dubstep. In addition, I'll play more Persian electronic music, a selection or two from the new Burial full-length, a bit more from COH, and something from Swedish guitarist, David Stackenas, who will be in town for a weekend Non-Event. Tune in!

November 1, 2007 on Rare Frequency
RF is back after a week's vacation and I've got some fine post-Halloween treats in store, including new music by Sleeparchive & Antti Rannisto, Shackleton, Peter (Pita) Rehberg & Marcus Schmickler, Tim Hecker, and so much more. Next week, November 8, I'll be welcoming local dubstep DJ Dabu to the studio. He'll be spinning a full set of deepest dubstep, so mark your calendars and warn your neighbors!

October 25, 2007 RF PREEMPTED
This week the show has been preempted by a Boston College football game. Don't fret -- We'll be back next week with more sonic goodies. Also, look for a podcast of last week's live set by Forbes Graham in the next couple o' days.

October 18, 2007 on Rare Frequency
This week local experimental musician Forbes Graham will our guest in the in the studio. He'll play a live set, starting between 8 and 9 pm. I'll also play more selections from the Soundboy Punishments comp on Skull Disco, which is slated for its North American release next week. And there'll be more. Check it.

October 11, 2007 on Rare Frequency
Whoa, I'm late! This week I'll play new music by KTL, Marcus Schmickler, Sawako, Tim Feeney & Vic Rawlings, Eli Keszler. I'll also play Persian electronic music, older ethnic music from 78s on mp3, and so much more. Next week I'll have a live guest in the studio: Forbes Graham will perform live on RF. Check the site in the coming week for more details!

October 4 on Rare Frequency
A little something from the new COH is in the cards for this week's show, along (perhaps) with some Rembetika, more Soot-y items, and other unlikely sounds.

September 27 on Rare Frequency
I'll be tossing a little grit in the RF gears this week with a few offerings from DJ /rupture's Soot label, so expect a bit of music from Filastine and Maga Bo (both of whom have gigs in town in early October), as well as some abstract sounds from the man himself. Beyond that, I'll play music by the New Zealand electro-acoustic composer Douglas Lilburn and a track from the forthcoming album by Jozef van Wissem and James Blackshaw, which is due out at the end of next month. And, of course, there will be strange and wonderful sounds galore. In other news, I'm now writing a weekly column in the Boston Phoenix, so check that out, if you're so inclined! The first installment features a profile of James Blackshaw.

September 6 on Rare Frequency

This is a bit of what I'm bringing to the station tonight. Tune in to hear what I actually play!

August 30 on Rare Frequency
Ahh, at last, we're alone.... Yes, this week I'll be flying solo with no special guests whatsoever. Thanks to Jace Clayton (aka DJ /rupture), who stopped by last week. Sometime in the future, he'll return for a live DJ set, I'm sure. This week I'll regale you with groovy tunes by Douglas Wood, recently reissued Fennesz, and so much more! Tune in, please. Check out a pair of photos of DJ /rupture in the ZBC studio at the RF Flickr page.

DJ Susanna of RF at the Enormous Room

My apologies for the criminally short notice. Tonight, Wednesday, August 29, I will be spinning a short set at the Enormous Room in Cambridge as part of the sQuareOne Celebrational. Because I'm representing Non-Event, I've decided -- perhaps foolishly -- to play only music by artists who've performed at Non-Event. This could be tricky. Please come out, if you can. Also in the Non-Event portion of the evening, Derek Hoffend will be doing a live set. We'll be on early in the evening. For further details, check:

August 23 on Rare Frequency

This week we're very pleased to welcome DJ /rupture as our special guest in the studio. He'll be playing choice musical selections from around the globe to be sure. I'll also play new music by Darqwan, Jessica Rylan, and Giuseppe Ielasi. Tune in -- this show's bound to be especially special!

August 16 on Rare Frequency
Ophibre Live!!

This week's show will feature a live set by Boston noise/sound artist Ophibre. I'll also play some new music on the Sirr label, including a wonderful prepared piano piece by Australian sound artist, Anthony Pateras, as well as a tune or two from Mofongo and Milanese guitarist Giuseppe Ielasi's timely new record, August, on 12k. Tune in!

August 9 on Rare Frequency
I've got some real treats in store this week, including new music by Signal, Frank Bretschneider, and selections from COH's limited-edition CD, Super Suprematism. I'll also play music from Jessica Rylan, Suishou no Fune, and much more. In other news, the podcast of last week's live set with Marc McNulty is now available in the podcast section: Marc McNulty Live on Rare Frequency. You can also see photos from the show at the Rare Frequency Flickr site! Next week our special live guest will be Ophibre. Keep your eyes peeled for an RF interview with him!

August 2 on Rare Frequency
Marc McNulty!!

This week local musician Marc McNulty will be our guest in the studio. This will be Marc's second appearance on the show. Check out the podcast of his RF live set from October 2006 here. I'll also play music by My Fun, For Barry Ray, and classic Werkbund. Upcoming Live Guests: August 16 - Ophibre

July 26 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll regale you with tales of brave Ulysses, as well as playing new music from Asmus Tietchens + Richard Chartier, DJ C, and DJ /rupture, who'll be performing at Great Scott on Saturday, July 28 as part of Bouncement 2. Check out my article on /rupture in this week's Phoenix: Locally Grown: The Return of DJ /rupture If you missed last week's live set by Jarrod Fowler on RF, I've uploaded the podcast: Jarrod Fowler Podcast Coming Up: August 2 - Marc McNulty Live on RF

July 19, 2007 with guest Jarrod Fowler!!!
This week's show will feature a live set by local sound artist Jarrod Fowler. I'll also play new music by the mysterious Cornish artist, The Tuss, old music by the wonderful Hematic Sunsets, as well as more treats from the Kning Disk label. It'll be good for what ails you, I promise, so tune in!

July 12 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature recent music from Sweden's Kning Disk label, including pieces by the innovative London improviser, Mark Wastell, Milanese guitarists Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti, and the curiously not-at-all-Japanese Tsukimono. I'll also play more early music by the great Asmus Tietchens (and perhaps some new music, if the mail-gods are kind), the B-side of the new Mika Vainio 12", etc., etc. In other news: Next week Jarrod Fowler will perform live in the studio. Check back over the weekend to learn more and read an interview with him.

July 6, 2007 RF on Hydrogen Economy
Tonight I will be sitting in for Matt on the Hydrogen Economy show on WZBC from 10pm-1am. I'll be playing a slightly kinder, gentler, groovier set. Tune in and help me stay awake and focused on kickin' out the jamz! Or something like that.

July 5 on Rare Frequency
It's going to be a very special show this week, featuring early music by experimental music legend Asmus Tietchens -- there's a fantastic new box set of his early works that was just released on the Vinyl on Demand label. I'll also play stellar new music by Hans Appelqvist, Heribert Friedl, Jozef van Wissem, Jazkamer, and Lasse Marhaug. Amazing. I'll also be sitting in for Matt at the Hydrogen Economy this Friday from 10pm-1am. So you can double your RF pleasure this week! Thanks to all who came out to the Raster-Noton show last week at the Middlesex. You can check out some of my photos at the Non-Event Flickr page.

June 28 on Rare Frequency
This week Matt Kane of Hydrogen Economy will be sitting in for me at RF, while I'm off at that night's Non-Event -- Raster-Noton R.P.M.. This Non-Event features three of my favorite members of the Raster-Noton stable: Frank Bretschneider, Olaf Bender, and Senking. You can hear a podcast that I put together for Non-Event here. If you come out to the show, please say hello! Next week, I'll be doing double duty, filling in for Matt as well as returning to RF and I will have lots of music to can count on it!

June 21 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature new music by Providence's own Area C, as well as tracks by Senking, Frank Bretschneider, and Olaf Bender, all of whom will be in town next Thursday for a show at the Middlesex Lounge. You'll also hear the not-so-soothing sounds of Lasse Marhaug as well as the tape experiments of Klangkrieg. Tune in!

June 14 on Rare Frequency
I'll be flying solo this week, so expect all manner of hell to break out in WZBC's FM studio. It's quite likely you'll hear some scorching new music by that noisy Norwegian, Lasse Marhaug, hitherto unreleased tracks by Toshiya Tsunoda, and new ensemble recordings from the for4ears label. And, just to make things interesting (and in honor of Fathers Day), I may just hit you with some socialist realist pop classics. Tune in! Check out the latest podcast (at higher bit rate than normal) featuring a live set by Ernst Karel from last week's show! You can also take a gander at some photos at the RF Flickr page.

June 07 on Rare Frequency
Ernst Karel!!!

This week we welcome Ernst Karel to the program. Ernst will play a live set, as well as some current works-in-progress. To learn more about Ernst, check out my interview with him in the featured section of the site. You'll also hear new music from local noisenik, Ophibre, local reedist Ashley Paul, and musician Jodi Cave. For goodness sake, listen in! Also, check out the latest podcast featuring last week's live set by Eli Keszler. You can also take a look at some blurry photos of Eli in action at the RF Flickr page.

May 31 on Rare Frequency
Eli Keszler!!!

This week local percussionist interview with him, as well as this article on Jandek in the Phoenix, which quotes him extensively (he'll be playing with Jandek at the ICA on June 8). Also, on this week's show, I'll play new music from Alog and Ashley Paul, as well as classic tracks from Byetone and Ken Maynard.

May 24 on Rare Frequency
Thanks to Hannah for filling in last week.... This week you'll hear new music by Pan Sonic, Sleeparchive, mem1, Eliane Radigue, and Eli Keszler, who will be our guest in the studio next week! Also, check out the photos of DJ C from his May 10 visit to RF on the Rare Frequency Flickr page, and listen to the first part of his live mix on the latest RF podcast.

May 17 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be off at the Keiji Haino Non-Event at MIT, but DJ Hannah will take over of the board to give you all the NCP you'll need. I'll be back next week with new music from the mighty Pan Sonic, Sleeparchive, and so much more. In the meantime, keep your ears peeled for a podcast of DJ C's set from last week.

May 10 on Rare Frequency
DJ C!!!

This week we'll go beat crazy as the fabulous DJ C (aka Jake Trussell) spins a set of post-jungle, ragga rhythmic whatnot. Check out my interview with Jake in the Featured to learn more! I'll also play music by Novi_Sad (forgotten at home last week - d'oh), Andrei Kiritchenko, Philip Jeck, and more. This will be one of Jake's last Boston performances before he moves to Chicago at the end of the month, so don't miss it!

May 03 on Rare Frequency
Fine music just keeps rolling into RF HQ! This week I'll share a bit of the sonic bounty. You'll hear more from the oh-so-lovely debut from Norway's Pjusk, a glorious drone from Greece's Novi_Sad, selections from the triple CD set on Public Guilt, a heavy dose of organ madness from Lasse Marhaug & Nils Henrik Asheim, and more from the forthcoming KTL record on Editions Mego. I'll also play some beat-laden craziness from the wonderful DJ C, who will be our guest on the May 10th edition of the show! (Check back soon for an interview with DJ C, which should be posted in the very near future.) Also, check out the April RF Top 10 and the latest RF podcast for further musical edification!

April 26, 2007 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show I'll play music from the fantastic forthcoming KTL album, as well as a little something from the Von Sudenfed CD (yes, Mark E. Smith and Mouse on Mars -- what will they think of next?). I'll also cue up some tunes by ErikM & Thomas Lehn, Ernst Karel, NNY, Rick Reed, and more....

April 19, 2007 on Rare Frequency
This week that inimitable pair, Fats Superhead and Ning Nong, will be guest hosting RF. Expect much noise and merriment! All will return to normal next week.

April 12, 2007 RF in the studio + on the town!!!
This week I'll be spinning on both sides of the Charles! First I'll play music from Tetuzi Akiyama & Josef Van Wissem (listen closely, or you'll miss it) and strange sounds from the world of the Creel and the Pone, as well as new music from the Canadian Oral label. And then... After the show, I'll head over to River Gods near Central Square, Cambridge, where I'll spin a club-friendly RF set of odd electronics, krautrock, and lightly out-there music that won't harsh your buzz. Drop by and say hi.

April 05 on Rare Frequency
Excitement! This week I'll cue up some tunes from the newly issued Delia Derbyshire LP! I'll also play a track or two off the new Basil Kirchin release. In addition, I promise to bring the Felmay CDs that I planned to play on last week's show. I'll also unleash some alpha-wave inducing Turkish electro-acoustic music and crackling oneiric loops from The Fun Years from their forthcoming release on Barge Recordings. But only if you tune in.

March 29 on Rare Frequency
Congratulations on another week! To celebrate I'll play music from the new deluxe and delightful Otomo Yoshihide CD/DVD, as well as some Vietnamese tunes from Gia Dinh and a bit of Javanese Gamelan music (both from new CDs on Felmay). Beyond that, who knows? New music from the Room40 imprint? A few more selections from alva noto and Senking? If I were a gambler, I'd bet on it. In other news, at long, long last Podcast 17: Domestic Bliss is up for your downloading enjoyment. You can also check out photos from last week's in-studio performance by Jay Sullivan at the Rare Frequency Flickr page with a podcast due up shortly. Finally, I've started writing for Dusted Magazine, so check out my extended review of the new Salah Ragab CD, if you're so inclined!

March 22 on Rare Frequency
We'll have a special guest in the studio this week, as local turntablist Jay Sullivan plays a live set on RF. Jay will be performing the following night, March 23, at the Axiom Gallery in Jamaica Plain. Also in the musical cards this Thursday is new music by Senking and alva noto, as well as more from the new Sleeparchive release and music by John Chantler, Alex Monk, and a whole lot more! Listen in!

March 15 on Rare Frequency
It's back to relative normal this week on RF. Naturally, after a week off, I've got a backlog of new music that's itching to get out on the airwaves, so expect a veritable avalanche of new sounds, including material by Sleeparchive, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Philus, Bernard Parmegiani, Francisco Lopez, Yao Chunhan, and yet more from Daphne Oram. I'll also be doing a special CD giveaway, so be sure your phone is charged and ready to go!

March 08, 2007 on Rare Frequency
Special Guest DJ Jon Whitney

This week Brainwashed impresario, Jon Whitney, will be hosting the show. It's a rare opportunity to hear Jon, who hosts the Monday morning rock show on ZBC, do a little NCP. I'll be back next week with the normal RF schenanigans, plus a CD giveaway (!). Meanwhile, now that things are beginning to settle down at the new RF HQ, look for a new podcast in the next week or so. Also, the Rare Frequency 15 was published in this month's print edition of The Wire, right next to Thurston Moore's, no less! Kinda nifty.

RF Rocks Again on Tuesday, March 6
I'll be subbing for Rock IV on WZBC from 3-5pm EST. Expect rock to get RF'd yet again with oodles of krautrock, post-punk, popsyke, avant-pop, quasi-rock, and, of course, Turkish psych. Tune in! If you'd care to see what I served up in my sleep-deprived haze on today's edition of Rock I, check out the playlist on Spinitron: RF Rocks 03.05.07

RF Rocks on Monday, March 5, 2007!!!
Tune in from 7-10am on March 5, when I guest host Rock I on WZBC. I'll play a mix of Turkish psych, oddball rock, post-punk, and avant-pop. Start your week off right!

March 01 on Rare Frequency
We're back! This week's show will feature more from Jason Lescalleet's magnum opus, The Pilgrim, new music from UK sound artist, Janek Schaefer, as well as a little classic techno from Russia's Motor, and some mighty Norwegian noise. Tune in!

February 22 Rare Frequency PREEMPTED
This week Rare Frequency has been preempted for a Boston College sporting event. Keep your ears peeled for a podcast over the weekend from RF's new home studio. In the meantime, you can busy your auditory nerves by listening to this doubleplusgood podcast by Swiss musician Stephan Mathieu at Radio Schafbrücke. Take a look around Stephan's page to find some lovely live sets as well. Good stuff. Thanks to Maxi for the recommendation!

February 15, 2007 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll play some snow-themed improv, wonderfully strange early electronics by UK pioneer, Daphne Oram, buzzing Swedish drones from the Alvars Orkester, and a beautiful piece from the recent Pilgrim CD by Jason Lescalleet. And, of course, so much more.... Listen in!

February 8 on Rare Frequency
A late bit of news about what's in store on this week's show. Tonight I'll be dipping into the RF mailbag playing music that's come in the post over the past week, including releases on the Conv and C3R labels amongst others. I'll also hit you over the head with more tracks off of Lithops' Queries CD, because I love it so.... Also, in case you missed Asher's live set from last week, it is now available as a podcast! Asher Live 02/01/07 Podcast

February 1 on Rare Frequency
Asher Live!!!

 This week Asher Thal-nir will be performing live on RF. For more information on Asher, check out my interview with him in the "Featured" section, which also has links to some choice mp3s. In addition, I'll play more from the latest Mika Vainio release, Revitty, and the wonderful new Bhob Rainey & Ralf Wehowsky CD. Don't miss it!

January 25 on Rare Frequency
It's a special week on RF with a gaggle of exciting music the queue, including fantastic new music by the mighty Mika Vainio, Ralf Wehovsky & Bhob Rainey, and local racketeers Eloe Omoe; as well as old, but newly released music by Lithops, and, perhaps, a radio play by the incomparable, Felix Kubin! Tune in, dear people.

January 18 on Rare Frequency
In honor of the bitter cold that has descended upon us at long last, I'll be breaking out my favorite arctic-themed record, Thomas Köner's beautiful picture-disc, "Unerforschtes Gebiet," which translates as "uncharted territory." As the mercury drops, listen as the needle on turntable 2 progresses ever closer to the north pole. Of course, I'll also play the usual mix overheated experimental music to warm your ears. Tune in!

January 11 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll take care of some unfinished business, playing music from the new Sleeparchive release, Hospital Tracks (you can read my review here, as well as the latest by Hans Grusel Krankenkabinet, both of which I forgot at home last Thursday! Beyond that, you'll hear bird songs from some Droll Yankees, piano music by Gyorgy Kurtag, and an awful lot more. Tune in!

January 04 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature new music on the Ultra-Eczema label, more from the latest Sleeparchive 2x12" and the new Bernard Parmegiani cd, as well as older tracks by Ekkehard Ehlers, Deathprod, and more!

December 28 on Rare Frequency
It's the last show of 2006! In honor of this somewhat auspicious occasion, I'll do the honorable thingand play some RF favorite pieces from the past year. You can check out this year's list of of top albums here for a bit of a preview. I'll also treat listeners to a few favorite "singles" of 2006 and will generally wax nostalgic for times past and future. Listen in! In other news, a profile that I wrote about RF superhero Yuko Nexus6 appears in the current edition of Signal to Noise. It should be of interest for those who wish to learn more about the very unusual Yuko. Alas, it is not online, but you should be able to find a copy at your local magazine shop! Also, keep your ears peeled for a pair of new podcasts, featuring recent RF live sets by Derek Hoffend and Murmer.

December 21 on Rare Frequency:
Murmer and Howard Stelzer!

 This week will feature a live performance by London sound artist (and Massachusetts native) Murmer. Murmer is in town to perform as part of the Intransitive Recordings' First Night concert on New Year's Eve and we will be joined by Intransitive's own Howard Stelzer, who will spin label rareties and forthcoming releases. I'll also play a selection of experimental Christmas and holiday music. Don't miss it!

December 14 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature a number of auditory treats, including new music by the French musique concréte pioneer Bernard Parmegiani and local musician and sometime Red Horse, Eli Keszler. I'll also play newly reissued classics by Asmus Tietchens and Dutch electro-acoustic pioneer, Dick Raaijmakers. Tune in!

December 07 on Rare Frequency: Derek Hoffend Live
This week local musician Derek Hoffend will play live in the WZBC studio. A recent transplant from Chicago, Derek creates sound-sculpture installations and performs live audio-works involving composed and improvised pieces for computer, hand-made circuits, and modified electronic and acoustic instruments. Derek will be performing a duo set at sQuareone with violinist/composer Jonathan Chen on Saturday, December 9 at 8 pm as part of the Non-Event experimental music series, along with Red Horse, Marc McNulty, and Ernst Karel. Visit the Non-Event website for more details. I'll also play new music by Luc Ferrari, Pixel, and so much more! Listen in....

November 30 on Rare Frequency
After a week of giving thanks and accumulating ever more musical capital, RF is loaded for bear and ready to spend. I'll be playing new music by French concretiste extraordinaire Lionel Marchetti, local musician Asher, and composer David Jensenius. You'll also hear a selection or two from releases on the Japanese label ATAK and Gunter Muller's Edmonds Community College. Tune in for all this and more!

November 23 Rare Frequency Preempted
Due to the holiday and the broadcast of a BC football game, Rare Frequency will not be broadcast this week!! Should you need a musical fix, I have posted a new RF podcast. You can download it here. Enjoy!

November 16 on Rare Frequency
This week on RF I'll play new music by KTL (that's Stephen O'Malley & Peter Rehberg), works by Gottfried Michael Koenig, more from Nerve Net Noise. Tune in!

November 09 on Rare Frequency
It's been wet and gray here in New England, so I'll try to blend into my surroundings by playing a selection from Chris Watson and BJ Nilsen's new cd Storm. I'll also brighten things up with new music by NZ's Rosy Parlane and some swinging tunes from Salah Ragab and the Egyptian Jazz Band. Please, tune in!

November 02 on Rare Frequency
On this week's edition of RF, I'll play music by Italian composer Enore Zaffiri, a hard-to-find piece by recent guest Keith Fullerton Whitman, some selections from the new Creelpolation, and, if the spirit moves me, I might even regale you with some classic Swedish prog. For those who missed last week's live set by Marc McNulty, it is available as a podcast here.

October 26 on Rare FrequencyMarc McNulty Live!!!
 First off, a big thank you to everybody who donated to WZBC during last week's fundraiser -- it was a great success! You can see some fundraising-related photos at the RF flickr photostream. Now we're back to business as not-so usual at RF. This week will feature a special live performance by Marc McNulty. Marc is new to Boston, but has been active in international experimental electronic music circles for quite some time with releases on labels such as Plate Lunch and tiln. Marc's set should start between 8-8:30pm. I'll also play new music on EM records and perhaps some Creel Pone goodies, as well as so much more from Conrad Schnitzler to a few music library ditties. Tune in!

With Special Guest
Keith Fullerton Whitman

 This is pledge week at WZBC, which means we at RF will be looking for your support! I'll be joined local experimental musician Keith Fullerton Whitman. Keith will do some musical selecting and generally help me exhort listeners to give, give, GIVE! Please, do tune in and give what you can. A station like WZBC is a rare thing indeed. Plus, we'll have special RF premiums, including swag from Intransitive Recordings, Keith Pagan & Red Horse, and MORE!!! It will be most fun, I assure you. Thank you in advance for your support!

October 12 Rare Frequency PREEMPTED!!!
Sad to say, there will be no Rare Frequency this week, since WZBC will be broadcasting a BC Football game in its normal time slot. Happy to say, we'll be back next Thursday for a special show as part of ZBC's fundraising week! This year local experimental music star Keith Fullerton Whitman will be my guest in the studio. Keith will do some musical selecting and generally exhort listeners to give, give, GIVE! Please, do tune in. It will be most fun, I assure you. More details and other nifty updates to the site will be forthcoming as well, so be of good cheer.

October 05 on Rare Frequency
Tonight I'll be playing music by i8u, classic Philip Jeck, and more from the new Janek Schaefer cd on Room40. If the planets align, we'll also have a guest dj in the house for the final hour.... Tune in.

September 28 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature new music by Janek Schaefer, Sleeparchive, and The Fun Years, as well as very spare, very new work by Peter Rehberg and an super-collossal ATC by his alter ego, Pita. Don't miss it for the world... Plus, next Wednesday, October 4, I'll be djing in between sets at the third installment of Brendan Murray's Uppercase Sound series at PA's Lounge in Somerville. Also on the bill: the inimitable Red Horse, Don Mennerich and Paper Summer. Drop by and say hi.

September 21 on Rare Frequency
This week you'll hear new works by Joe Colley, Angel & Hildur Gdnadottir, and Swiss turntablist Strotter. I'll also play new works based around field recordings, including a new release by the late Luc Ferrari, as well as pieces by local musician Asher and recent Boston transplant Marc McNulty. And, as is only good and natural, there will be the ineffable and omnipresent "more." Tune in!

September 14 on Rare Frequency
After a week's absence, we're back in the RF saddle! What does this mean for you, the listener? Well, a piece from the long-awaited Bernard Parmegiani/Philip Samartzis split LP, a swinging number by Gordon Monahan, a selection or two from the His Master's Noise compilation on BVHAAST, an early work by Marcus Schmickler, new music by local musician Asher, a gratuitous, French popsyke ditty, and more.... Tune in.

September 7 on Rare Frequency
This week I will be out the Pan Sonic show at Great Scott's, but rumor has it that the inimitable DJ Ning Nong will be sitting in on RF, so do tune in. As it turns out, a mystery dj will be behind the decks, but, still, do tune in. Also, look for plenty of updates to the site over the next couple of days, including a new RF podcast!!

August 31 on Rare Frequency
This week it's a return to business as usual on RF with music by Jazkamer (be afraid!), Dag-Are Haugan, Pan Sonic, Bernhard Gal, and more! Also, if you missed them the first time around --or even if you didn't-- check out the RF podcasts featuring fantastic live sets on Rare Frequency by Red Horse, Bernhard Gal, i8u, and Yuko Nexus6. There are also photos available on the RF Flickr page!

August 24 on Rare Frequency
This week we have many live guests, which means big, BIG excitement! Japan's Yuko Nexus6, Berlin's Bernhard Gal, and Montreal's i8u will be joining me in the studio for three live sets. All three artists are in town for a Non-Event this Friday at the sQuareone loft in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston! Also, you can check out photos of Red Horse from last week's show at the (relatively) new RF flickr page and download a podcast of the show here. Woot!

August 17 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature a live, in-studio performance by the amazing Red Horse, a.k.a. Steve Pyne, who will be opening for Alog this Saturday, August 19. I'll also be returning from utopia with a new work by Walter Marchetti, having fun with fuzzy felt folk, and playing even more new works by Australian sound artist, Philip Samartzis. And, of course, heavy sighs all around, there will be more of everything, especially Creel Pones. Tune in. This will be one for the record books, I'm sure.

Rare Frequency Test Pattern:
Turkish Psych!!

This Friday, August 10 from 6-7pm I’ll be spinning an hour-long set of Turkish psych classics on Test Pattern, WZBC’s Artist Spotlight Hour. It promises to be an Anatolian blow-out. Expect 3-Hurel, Mogollar, Bulent, Selda, Edip Akbayram, the inimitable Erkin...

August 10 on Rare Frequency
This week's show is a veritable cornucopia overflowing with tantalizing musical treasures! There'll be new music by Jason Lescalleet, Lithops, and COH, as well as some crazy fuzzy-felt folk music, obscure tape music from Japan, and those inevitable Creel Pones! Plus, by request, I'll play more from the forthcoming release by Tim Hecker and thunderous new music by the legendary Walter Marchetti. Frankly, my head hurts just thinking about all these wonderful SOUNDS! Don't sleep on this one -- tune in!

August 3 on Rare Frequency
It's an embarrassment of musical riches this week on RF. I'll be playing selections from some new releases on Sweden's wonderful Kning Disk label (Alvars Orkester, Folke Rabe/Jan Bark, David Stackenäs, and more), twisted avant-pop ditties by Felix Kubin & Coolhaven, evocative music by Stephan Mathieu & Janek Schaefer from their first collaborative disc, Hidden Name, and a selection or two from Tim Hecker's forthcoming cd, Harmony In Ultraviolet. Of course, there will be so much more, including something by newcomer Consor, so stick-shaking is utterly futile! Tune in! You know you want to.

July 27 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show, we'll close out July with more from Philip Samartzis' latest release, Unheard Spaces, along with music from a pair of new releases on Room40, a new work by Hecker and hazy electronics by Michael Santos.

July 20 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature new music by Philip Samartzis", Alva.Noto, Taylor Deupree & Richard Chartier, and the irrepressible Satanicpornocultshop, as well as older nuggets by Satoru Wono, Alog, Poire_Z, and others. Too much fun will undoubtedly be had....

July 13 on Rare Frequency (and at River Gods)
This week I'll play a selection or two from the new Geoff Mullen release on Last Visible Dog, as well as a piece from the forthcoming Rafael Toral CD, Space. I'll also regale you with more cracked electronics from Norbert Moslang's recent For4Ears discs. After the show, I'll be heading to River Gods in Cambridge to spin a late set at the WZBC Countdown. I'll be playing Turkish psych and, perhaps, some odd electronic treats. Drop by and say hello! Further details: DJ ning nong 8:30-10pm - lounge, etc WZBC June Top Ten Countdown 10-11pm DJ susanna 11pm-1am - Turkish psych & odd electronics 125 River St, just outside Central Square. Kitchen open for dinner til 10pm 21+, NO COVER Hope to see you there!

July 6 on Rare Frequency
This Thursday, I will (at last ) play selections from two new Norbert Moslang releases on the for4ears label. I'll also play music by Frank Bretschneider & Peter Duimelinks, Alva Noto, Bruno Menny, and so much more. Also... SAVE THE DATE!!! Next Thursday, July 13 RF's Susanna will be out and about along with DJ Ning Nong at River Gods in Cambridge, spinning as part of the WZBC Top 15 Countdown. Here's the skinny from the Z: We will count down the the top 15 or so discs between 10 and 11 PM at River Gods on Thursday, July 13th. Featured DJs before and after the countdown will be: DJ Ning Nong (8:30 - 10): spinning exotica, lounge tunes and television themes DJ Susanna (11-1): spinning entertaining electronics -- both vintage and new -- plus choice Turkish psych upon request (expect me to lean heavily on the Anatolian psych!) Drop by, say hello, request Bulent Ortacgil! River Gods 125 River St Cambridge, MA 02139-3806

June 29 on Rare Frequency
It's the last show of June! But how to mark the occasion? Hmmm. Some wonderful new music from the inimitable (yet oft-imitated) Norbert Moslang of Voice Crack fame, perhaps? I'll also crank up some long-hair music by Helmut Lachenmann and nice up the place with some testosterone-inspired tunes by CM von Hausswolff. Furthermore, to add drama to the proceedings, I'll tempt fate by once again playing a selection from the new Francisco Lopez CD on Anoema. To top off this pre-Julian celebration, I REALLY will play selections from the forthcoming Touch 25 compilation. Scout's honor.

June 22 on Rare Frequency
This week I’ll take the ultimate radio risk and play a new release by Francisco Lopez — it’s not dead air, I swear in advance!!! I’ll also play more Swedish text-sound classics and will not forget, as I did last...

June 15 on Rare Frequency
What to play? Hmmm. Another selection from the new Werkbund record would be nice, plus material from the excellent new Phonophani cd on Rune Grammofon. What else? More treated found sounds from the Cloudmirror label, perhaps? We'll bring it all home with some Christian Marclay and a track or two from the new Touch compilation for good measure. And, of course, there'll be more....

June 8 on Rare Frequency
Hmmm. All this June rain has got us down, but we’ll try to dry off with some suitably strange sounds. On deck for this week: TWO new Creel Pone releases (one by Pietro GrossiTaylor Deupree; and a brand-new, rip-roaring barnstormer...

June 1 on Rare Frequency
On this week's program, I'll play you a second track off of the forthcoming Bernard Parmegiani/Philip Samartzis split release (that's right, you'll hear it here first!), as well as music by Oren Ambarchi, who is in town to play his first Boston show on Saturday, June 3! As if that weren't enough to prick up your ears, they'll be more Fylkingen craziness, a new aural palindrome by Keith Fullerton Whitman, and the usual RF sense and nonsense.

May 25 on Rare Frequency
On this week's program, I'll play selections from the new Text Sound Compositions box set on the estimable Fylkingen imprint, crank up the new Nmperign/Jason Lescalleet release, Love Me Two Times, and spin right 'round with Geoff Mullen's new 7" record, "A Rip in the Fabric." Listen in and be of good cheer.

May 18 on Rare Frequency
Ohhhh, my goodness, be still my beating heart! There's a new vinyl edition of early Ø (aka Mika Vainio) on Sähkö. It's called Aste and it's quite amazing. I'll play selections from that, as well as other classic Sähkö releases. As if Ø weren't enough, there's also a new Sleeparchive remix of Rhythm and Sound on Burial Mix, which I'll take for a spin. Plus, I'll crank up the drones with a piece by Elaine Radigue and, perhaps, an and/OAR disc or two. Maybe I'll even kick out some improv jams courtesy of Texas' Rick Reed and other of his ilk. Who knows? Of course, they'll be much more. All for your listening pleasure.

May 11 on Rare Frequency
This week marks the return of Varjak, who, many of you will recall, spun a stunning set on the show a few months back. Jeff will be my guest in the studio for the second half of the show and we'll probably hang around well into NCP II. In addition, I'll cue up some avant-pop-radio experiments courtesy of the inimitable Felix Kubin and People Like Us in collaboration with a groupd of Liverpool schoolchildren. I'll also play some melodic drones by Milieu and other sonic treats and auditory oddities. Be there in spirit and tune in.

May 04 on Rare Frequency
This week things take a geographical turn as RF takes you on a sonic journey 'round the world, courtesy of the wonderful Sound Transit site. We'll then do something constructive with Holger Hiller and Thomas Fehlman's 1982 interpretation of Paul Hindemith's 1930 operetta for children, "Wir Bauen Eine Stadt" (We Build A Town). This was a rare, cassette-only recording that's just been reissued on Felix Kubin's Gagarin Records and it's a real treat! As if that all weren't enough, I'll play music by Finns pretending to be Russians evoking the glories of Mother Russia and a Dane's recordings of his visits to the Zone. As for what else is in store, now's neither the time nor the place. Tune in Thursday night.

April 27 on Rare Frequency
First things first: Thanks to all who came out to Furniture Music at the Middlesex Lounge this past Tuesday -- it was a fun night! Second things second: This week's installment of RF will feature more new music from the Room40 label, a piece or two from the recently reissued Pioneers of Electroic Music on New World Records, as well as classic tracks by Comae and Lethe. Plus, there will be a tearful send-off for Keith of Cone of Silence, who will be doing his last show this evening! Listen.

Rare Frequency Steps Out
at the Middlesex Lounge!!!

This Tuesday, April 25 I will be spinning a lulling, soporific set at the swank Middlesex Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge as part of the Furniture Music series. My nom de guerre for the evening is DJ Top Hush and I will be playing alongside the inscrutable DJ UFO. If you can, please drop by, listen in and say hello! Furniture Music: Explorations in Ambient Sound w/djs UFO & Top Hush Middlesex Lounge 315 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge (Central Square) 21+ No Cover 9pm-1am

April 20 on Rare Frequency
In honor of spring's flowering, this week I'll present you with to a brilliant, multi-hued bouquet of Conrad Schnitzler records: Rot, Grün, Blau, Gelb, and Schwartz. Also on the table is a brand spankin' new remix by Sleeparchive and a new work by Warren Burt on Phill Niblock's XI label. Listen in!

April 13 on Rare Frequency:
COH interview & Asher Live!

This week's show will feature my extended interview with Ivan Pavlov, a.k.a. COH and a live set from the WZBC studio by Asher. Long a favorite of Rare Frequency (I opened the inaugural episode of the show with COH's "Gearin' II"), Pavlov/COH has just released a beautiful record called Above Air on Coil's Eskaton imprint. In the interview we discuss this new release, as well as the history and meaning of COH, his Chessmachine project with Richard Chartier, and much more! The interview will run during the first hour of the show. Asher is a local musician, newly returned from self-imposed exile in Brooklyn, who creates subtly mysterious electronic music. Though he has releases on the labels Con-v , Term, and Earlabs, Asher has only recently begun to present his work live. He will be performing live in the studio at around 8:30 pm. He will also be playing the following Tuesday, April 18 at PA's Lounge as part of Brendan Murray's new "Uppercase Sound" experimental music series along with The Fun Years and Rise Set Twilight.

April 6 on Rare Frequency
In honor of the coming of spring, this week's show will be all daffodils and butterflies, as I play unseasonably cool music by the likes of Phill Niblock, Philip Werren, and Conrad Schnitzler (we must hear the B-side of Zug, after all!), as well as Turk psych superstars Erkin Koray and the amazing Fikret Kizilok. Plus, I'll spin some brand, spankin' new stuff from the Room40 label and so much more! Next week: a live set from Asher and an interview with COH.

March 30 on Rare Frequency:

As promised, this week Berlin's Sleeparchive will be joining me in the studio to rock the proverbial house...minimally. This should be a real treat, so do tune in! I'll also be serving up lots of delectably strange music, including a newly released, oldly recorded record by Conrad Schnitzler, as well as playing excerpts from the soundtrack to Tarkovsky's Solaris in memory of the late Stanislav Lem, who died earlier this week.

Special Guest: Sleeparchive!
This Thursday, March 30, if the planets align properly, Berlin's Sleeparchive will be dropping by the studio to work his dark, oneiric magic. If you're unfamiliar with Sleeparchive, think early Sähkö (he worships at the altar of Ø in particular) crossed with Richie Hawtin at his most austere and you'll have a sense of what to expect. Sleeparchive is in Boston to play a show this Friday night that you can find out about here. In other news, next week we'll air a special RF interview with Ivan Pavlov, a.k.a. COH.

March 23 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature new music by Alla Zagaykevych and The Fun Years, selections from An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Vol. 4, and more from Greek Electronic Music I on Creel Pone and the new Sleeparchive double 12", "Radio Transmission EP." Yow!

March 16 on Rare Frequency
We're back at last in our normal 7-10 pm slot -- hip, hip, hurrah! To celebrate I've got an absolutely sick selection of music to play, including selections by Lethe, Henrik Rylander, Pierre Henry, and Sleeparchive. I'll also be playing wonderfully wacked early Greek electronic music and a selection or two from the Overheard and Rendered compilation on and/OAR. Listen again as if for the first time.

March 9 Special Late Edition of Rare Frequency
This week I will be staying up late as Rare Frequency airs in the NCP II slot from 10pm-1am, while the lovely DJ Saul sits in from 7-10pm. In honor of the late hour, I'll play a brand-spanking new 7" from Felix Kubin (yes, he has another new 7"!) more classics from the Sahkho back catalog (yes, more classic Mika Vainio!), as well as music by Lionel Marchetti, Voice Crack, CoH, and more! The NCP musical chairs is for this week only! I'll be back to my usual early evening shenanigans with no sports preemptions next week! W00t!

March 2 Rare Frequency Preempted!
This week Rare Frequency will be preempted by a BC Men's Hockey game. You can rest assured, however, that although the winter has been harsh, spring is just around the corner and Rare Frequency will be back next Thursday, March 9 in its regularly scheduled slot. In the meantime, you can ease the pain and kill some time in good, twenty-first century fashion by watching volumes one, two, three, and four of Modulations, the 1998 documentary on electronic music, on YouTube

February 24 RF on Test Pattern
Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg

This Friday from 6-7pm I'll be hosting a special Test Pattern devoted to the enigmatic German sound artist, Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg. Aided by my good friend and Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg aficianado, Eric Benoit, I will navigate the treacherously strange waters of Herr von Euler-Donnersperg's back catalog. Join us and der kleine Fritz for much Germanic unusualness!

February 23 on Rare Frequency:
Janek Schaefer Interview!

This week's show will feature an extended interview with UK sound artist and turntablist, Janek Schaefer, in which we discuss his latest CD, Migration, as well as past and future projects. The interview will air at approximately 8:00 pm EST. I will also be playing selections from Migration, as well as new work by Carl Michael von Hausswolff, a classic from the electronic music pioneer, Hugh Davies, strange analog synth experiments by Svend Christiansen and Fuzzy, and so much more. Tune yourself in!

February 16 Rare Frequency Preempted!
This week the show is preempted for the broadcast of a BC men's basketball game. We'll be back next week with a special show, featuring an interview with Janek Schaefer. In the meantime, don't despair, as there has been much site activity, including a new interview with Sawako. You can also check out Varjak's setlist from last week, along with photos from from the studio. You can even get a cd-r of the show from Varjak himself by emailing Jeff at with “Frequency Silence” in the subject line. Please include all relevent information, such as your name, mailing address, etc. And, rest assured, he will ship internationally! Finally, keep your ears to the ground for a new podcast or two....

February 9 on Rare Frequency
This week Varjak will be my special guest in the studio to do the selecting for the last hour or so of the show and continuing into Cone of Silence. Varjak will dip into his apparently limitless record collection to whip up a delectable mix of experimental hits. In addition, I'll play new music by Asmus Tietchens, more from Lionel Marchetti's Red Dust, as well as excerpts from a classic soundtrack by Krzysztof Penderecki.

Samartzis Article Up at Grooves
My article on the Australian sound artist Philip Samartzis is now up at the new digital version of Grooves magazine. It's not possible to link directly to text itself, but just click on Philip's name on the cover and you're there! You can also check out my reviews of two of Philip Samartzis's most recent releases here and here.

February 2 on Rare Frequency
This Thursday Rare Frequency will NOT be preempted, as I mistakenly announced during last week's broadcast! RF will be on the air per unusual from 7-10pm EST. To make up for last week's Chicken Little-izing, I will play extra lovely selections from Felix Kubin (new 7"!), Janek Schaefer (new full-length!), the for4ears imprint (two new full-lengths!), a bevy of new Creelpones, and so much more.

January 26 on Rare Frequency
I'm leaving a few things to chance this week, but, if lady luck and her minions the postal gods are just and kind, you'll be treated to a new slice of post-retro pop by Felix Kubin. Perhaps you'll also be treated to forthcoming material by COH and a Editions Mego joint -- who knows? You can be quite certain, however, that you will hear a few more selections from The Music Library: Graphic Sound and Art, as well music by Steinbruchel and Joe Colley/Crawl Unit, and much, much more.

New Podcast!
A podcast rebroadcast of the performance by Rise Set Twilight on 01.12.06 live on Rare Frequency is now available for your listening enjoyment. Also, note that I've begun enabling comments, so if you have something to say, please do so! If you have any questions or problems, contact me.

January 19 on Rare Frequency
Tune in to hear choice library music cuts from the new book *The Music Library: Graphic Art and Sound*, compiled by Jonny Trunk. Expect poppier pop and avant gardier avant garde! I'll also play EVP-derived music by Bass Communion, as well as some mnortham, classic Ester Brinkmann, new work by local musician Asher, and a rip-roaring piece by Henrik Rylander.

January 12 on Rare Frequency
This week rise set twilight will be performing live in the studio! I'll also play the forthcoming live Keith Fullerton Whitman CD (yow!), more from the new Toshiya Tsunoda record, and much, much more!!

January 5 on Rare Frequency 2006
This week I'll let you listen in on the mysterious world of EVP recordings, dip your toes in a roiling ocean of data (rendered audible by Ryoji Ikeda), and sit for one of four studies for a human portrait. Plus, I'll play more classic work by Pierre Schaeffer and give you a musical preview of next week's guests on the show, Linda Aubry and Mike Bullock, aka rise set twilight.

December 30 on Test Pattern:
Asmus Tietchens Goes POP!

Friday, December 30 from 6:00-7:00 pm, I will host Test Pattern, WZBC's weekly artist spotlight hour. The show will feature the pop stylings of Hamburg's avant garde man-about-town, Asmus Tietchens. I'll be playing loungey tunes from his color-coded Hematic Sunsets records and the holiday 7", tracks from his Sky Records years, and much, much more! Get your New Years party started a day early Rare Frequency style. For more information about Asmus Tietchens, have a look at the interviews here and here.

December 29 on Rare Frequency
It's the last show of the year, so tonight I'll play some of my favorite music of 2005! Take a look at my ridiculously long list of "Favorites from 2005" for a taste of what's in store.

December 22 Holiday Edition of Rare Frequency
After last week's preemptive preemption, I'm back to play a few experimental holiday tunes from the likes of RLW and Asmus Tietchens, as well as some classic concrete from Pierre Schaeffer, new post techno fun from Ryoji Ikeda, and some ice-cold blasts from the Melektronikk label. Note: the interview with UK sound artist Janek Schaefer has been postponed until the new year. His ability to stay up late for transatlantic phone conversations has been dramatically reduced due to the birth of his first child just last week!

December 15 Rare Frequency Preempted
This week there will be no Rare Frequency on WZBC due to a BC hockey game. But don't despair! I'll be back next week with a special holiday edition, featuring some experimental Christmas music (no foolin') and, if the stars align correctly, an interview with turntablist Janek Schaefer. Festive stuff! Also, by the weekend, there should be a new podcast up, so look for that as well.

December 8 on Rare Frequency
In honor of the cold weather we'll be playing music so cold, it's, ummm, hot. Anyway, I'll play more from the new Anthony Burr/Charles Curtis *Alvin Lucier* disc on Antiopic, classic trax from Pita, and some more Hawaiian sound art from Joe Tulchin in honor of the return of Cone of Silence's Keith from his island travels. Put on your auditory long johns and tune in.

This Week (December 1) on Rare Frequency
We're/I'm back! And, boy, did I stuff myself to the gills with music, music, music over the holiday. Yes, there were major capital outlays here at RF and my bank account's loss is your gain with lots of new phonographic works, vintage electronics, and quirky electronics. Check it out.

This Week on Rare Frequency: Nothing but Turkey
Due to the holiday, **there will be no Rare Frequency on Thursday, November 24**; however, there will be lots of off-air activity here at RF HQ. Look for updates to the site throughout the week, including additions to the links section, a typically belated November ( )list, a review (or maybe two), and, if i'm very good, a podcast (or maybe two). Next Thursday, RF will be back on the air at its usual time with a fat 'n' happy, overstuffed edition of the show.

This Week on Rare Frequency -- Schedule Change
This week Jim of **Ning Nong Radio** and I are trading spaces, so Rare Frequency will be on **Friday 11.18 from 10pm-1am**. I'll be playing early Krautrock by Eruption, new analog-synth wonders by Jessica Rylan, and a slew of early electronics from the Creel Pone reissue series. Plus, new digitalia on 12k and more! Stay up late and listen in.

Playing November 10 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be pulling out the blue vinyl to play a track or two by **HEMATIC SUNSETS**, as well playing some **FRANCIS BACON**-inspired noise, a bit of **OMIT**, and **MOONDOG's** thoughts about human rights. It'll be fun for selected members of the family, so join in the fun and set yourself apart!

Thursday, November 3 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature an extended interview with Christiaan Virant of FM3. We discuss the electronic music scene in China, as well as his own work with FM3 and, of course, that all important, lo-fi, loop-playing fetish object, the Buddha Machine! The interview will run at approximately 8pm.

Thursday, October 27 -- Update: RF UN-pre-empted!!
Your life can go on as normal, since Rare Frequency will be on the air as per un-usual this Thurs., October 27! Hurrah! Woot! Etc.! In celebration, I'll play some crazy, kitten-friendly tracks by Gordon Mumma, Pita, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Asmus Tietchens. Maybe I'll even play something new from 12k... You'll have to tune in to find out.

Thursday, October 27 -- Sports Preemption!!
There will be no Rare Frequency this week due to the broadcast of a BC Football game. To ease the pain, I will post a long-delayed podcast this week, featuring music from local experimental music labels. Keep your ears peeled, if that's physically possible.

Thursday, October 20 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be playing oodles of selections from the new EN/OF box, including music by Merzbow, Stillupsteyppa, Tim Hecker, Jazzkammer, Efzeg, and more! Plus, some classic Bernard Parmegiani and the usual unusual sonic shenanigans.

Thursday, Thursday, October 13 on Rare Frequency
This week I'll be lavishing a good deal attention on turntablists of the experimental variety. If you listen, you'll hear selections by Christian Marclay, Gum, Philip Jeck, Martin Tetreault, Otomo Yoshihide, dieb13, Jason Talbot, and more! You'll also hear my favorite track from I.S.O. and other avant-garde jam bones.

Schedule Change Alert (one week only!)
Rare Frequency on Friday Night 10.07

This week RARE FREQUENCY and NING NONG RADIO are trading radio show spaces! So, for your weekly dose of mildly-hallucinagenic, but totally non-toxic, RF sonic goodness, you'll need to stay up late on FRIDAY (10pm-1am). I'll be pushing new junk from Sawako, Fe-mail, Western Grey, and Soplerfo into the wee hours. (there are links for more info. on the artists if you click more below) Of course you should really tune in both nights, since DJ Ning Nong is aural aces in my book!

Thursday, September 29 on Rare Frequency
There's much sonic enjoyment to be had this week! I'll be playing tunes from one or two points on the current axis of evil, some Joe Colley, a raging new tune from Philip Samartzis and Voice Crack, and a request from Pittsburgh. All that and the usual bag of musical chips. Check it out!

Thursday, September 15 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show, music, music and more music! (though some might disagree) New stuff from The Fun Years, old stuff by Marshall Mcluhan, oddly ageless stuff from Blutsiphon -- who could ask for anything more?!? Listen in to find out.

Thursday, September 8 on Rare Frequency
We're back on schedule! To celebrate, tonight's show will feature sonic treats by Jazzkammer, Chessmachine, selections from the Buddha box, and much, much more!

Tuesday, August 30
Rare Frequency takes on Ning Nong Radio

This week Susanna and Ning Nong trade spaces. What will I play in honor of Rare Frequency Tuesday? Some Can't, perhaps? With a dollop of Fe-Mail, a dash of Phill Niblock, or a smidge of Institt fr Feinmotorik? Maybe? Perhaps? Yes.

Thursday, August 25 on a
Special Late Edition of Rare Frequency

This week the world will be turned wrongsideup as RF temporarily switches places with Cone of Silence. That's right ? we will be staying up late, as the show runs from 10pm-1am. Expect some Moog and Luc Ferrari (R.I.P.) classics, as well as selections by Yuji Takahashi, Yuko Nexus6, Fe-Mail, and a new batch of Creel Pone.

New RSS Feed
I've updated the RSS feed to enable podcasting. If you were subscribed to the old feed, please update your subscription. All feedback, comments and suggestions are welcome as your intrepid host needs to work out some podcastitory kinks.

Thursday, August 18 on Rare Frequency
This Thursday New York's UNITED STATES OF BELT will be our special guests in the studio. They will be performing a live set as well as playing selections from upcoming releases. Don't Miss It! (see for more information about US of Belt)

Thursday, August 11 on Rare Frequency
This Thursday listen in for new material by Yuko Nexus6, Tojiko Noriko and dieb13 on an abbreviated show; then Rare Frequency heads to River Gods in Cambridge, as your fearless RF host spins a late set at the WZBC monthly - OINTMENT. Please, stop by!

Thursday, August 4 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll be flying solo, playing some new material on the Austrian label, Mosz, and cranking out some RF soon-to-be classics ...whatever that might mean. Listen in to find out!...

Thursday, July 28 on Rare Frequency
This week our guest will be cassette tape wizard and Intransitive Recordings' head honcho, Howard Stelzer. He'll be stopping by to play some records at around 8 pm. Plus, we'll delve more deeply into the new Wahrnehmungen set on Vinyl-On-Demand....

Thursday, July 21 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll pull sounds out of the aether and then plant our feet firmly on the not-so-flat earth with our in-studio guest, saxophonist David Gross....

Thursday, July 14 on Rare Frequency
This week Boston's own BRENDAN MURRAY will be our guest for a LIVE set in the studio (check the "featured" section for an interview). Plus music of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Strewth!...

Thursday, July 7 on Rare Frequency
New maxed-out micro-electronics from Bretschneider + Steinbrchel, ancient analog fun from Raymond Scott, sounds out of time by Desmond Leslie. All this and more can be yours this week on Rare Frequency.

Thursday, June 30 on Rare Frequency
In honor of the summer heat, we'll be burning up the airwaves this week with sweltering new releases from Roel Meelkop, Asmus Tietchens, and Mike Bullock, as well as classic electro-acoustic scorchers from Hungary and beyond....

Site News
I'm trying to update the Featured section of the site more regularly, starting with an interview with Boston's own Brendan Murray. Take a gander......

Thursday, June 23 on Rare Frequency
In celebration of the advent of summer, we'll be cuing up some choice cuts from the Creel Pone catalog, as well as some early electronic music from Denmark, and strange almost pop from places unknown. Check it....

Thursday, June 16 on Rare Frequency
At long last we'll be playing the new record by Yuko Nexus6!! Also on (the) deck(s), dreamy new drones from local boys The Fun Years, material from Gal, and strange sixties sitar covers...well, maybe one, if you're very, very nice....

Mouse on Mars at the MFA
Tonight, Wednesday, June 15, Rare Frequency faves Mouse on Mars will be playing two shows at the MFA. For more information, check

Thursday, June 9, 2005 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll be walking east with Janek Schaefer, kicking out the jams with Monolake, and, umm, calling the cops on Infraction records. Plus, we'll dust off some Mouse on Mars classics. Yip....

June 2 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll be playing new material from local hero Hrvatski, as well as wild electronics from Retro*Sex*Galaxy, the strange sounds of Doctor Who, and something old yet new from Italy's Die Schachtel label. Ooh-aah. Listen up....

Thursday, May 26, 2005 (addendum)
A news flash of sorts.... In addition to the goodies mentioned in the last news item (click "View all news" to read up), we will be playing tracks from the new (Mika Vainio) album Kantamoinen on Shkh this evening....

Thursday, May 26, 2005 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show (if all goes to plan) we'll be playing some rare brainstormin' electronics from Pierre Henry, staring misty-eyed into space whilst spinning music by Goodiepal, and dining in on a Lesbian Brunch with Lasse Marhaug and Carlos...

Thursday, May 19 on Rare Frequency
If the postal gods are just and kind, this week's show will feature new music from a Rare Frequency favorite, Yuko Nexus6, as well as vintage 1960s electronic works from Albert Mayr, a student of Pietro Grossi, and so much...

May 12, 2005 on Rare Frequency
On this week's show we'll be playing some new releases on digital minimalist sister labels Line and 12k, as well as a early electronic music by the Swedish electronic music pioneer, Rune Lindblad, and much, much more. Listen carefully....

Thursday, May 5 on Rare Frequency
We're back and with lots of music to share: new Pita and Brendan Murray records, vintage Raster and US of Belt. There's something for nearly everyone on this special Mother's Day edition of RF, so LISTEN UP!...

Thursday, April 28 on Rare Frequency
This week DJ Ryan will be hosting the show, while I'm at the Giuseppe Ielasi, Black Forest/Black Sea, EKG show at Nom d'Artiste (info). I'll be back next week and will (perhaps) update the site with new reviews and such...

Thursday, April 21 on Rare Frequency
Tune in to hear tracks from from the new Autechre, classic Tim Hecker, and the upcoming Pita (plus, I'll get to that rare Pan Sonic this week for sure!)...

Thursday, April 14 on Rare Frequency
This week we'll be playing selections by Yuichiro Fugimoto, Bjorn Olsson, Stillupsteyppa, Mitchell Akiyama, and (if the gods are smiling) some rare Pan Sonic. Of course, there'll be lots more strange (non)musical goings on, so tune in to tune out...

April 7 on Rare Frequency
This week the royal we will be playing new music by Space Machine, Gnter Mller & Steinbrchel, Philip Samartzis and Giusseppe Ielasi, as well as older gems by Michael Snow and Christian Marclay. TuneIN....

March 31 on Rare Frequency
Lots of good stuff on this week's edition of Rare Frequency, including selections from: Die Welttraumforscher, Boris Hauf, Yuichiro Fujimoto, Oh Astro, Toshi Ishiyanagi ...and, it should go without saying, so much more! Tune. In....

March 24 on Rare Frequency
This week DJLeana will be guest hosting Rare Frequency, whilst I'm out at the TV Pow, Boris Hauf, John Hegre show at Mass Art in Boston. For more information on the concert, click here....

Friday, March 18 on Test Pattern
This week DJ Susanna, your host here at Rare Frequency, will be hosting a Test Pattern devoted to the music of Tod Dockstader from 6-7pm on WZBC. Test Pattern is ZBC's artist spotlight hour, a weekly show in which one of the station's deejays plays the music of a favorite musician, record label, or genre. The Dockstader Test Pattern will feature classic 1960s recordings (8 Electronic Pieces, Quatermass, Apocalypse), as well as selections from two new works, Pond (with David Lee Myers) and the forthcoming release, Aerial. In addition, we'll be playing a Dockstader score for the 1961 Tom & Jerry cartoon, Switchin' Kitten.

Thursday, March 17 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature musical selections from: J.O. MallanderKeith Fullerton WhitmanPhill NiblockStefan Mathieu Burkhard Stangl & Christof Kurzmann PLUS: a Tod Dockstader/Steven Konicek score for the Tom & Jerry cartoon Down and Outing (1961), more goodies from the German...

Thursday, March 10 on Rare Frequency
This week's show will feature musical selections from: Ryoji Ikeda Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg Frieder Butzmann TV Pow 60 Sound Artists Protest the War ...and much, much more! Tune in....

Guest for March 3: Bhob Rainey
Local experimental musician, Bhob Rainey, of nmperign and BSC fame, will be our guest in the studio to present his radio play: "When you talk, You hear from the Other Side" A 26-minute piece based around two found wire spools....

Susanna, your host at Rare Frequency, will be staying up past her bedtime this Thursday, 2.9.05, spinning tunes at River Gods in Cambridge from 11:30pm-1am, as part of WZBC's monthly music series, Ointment. You should expect a somewhat kinder, gentler...

No News is Good News
Coming soon…...